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I am a huge animal lover, and a few days ago I discovered a little ray of sunshine in the backyard of the house I nanny at. A kitten was roaming about the backyard, and with a little coaxing it came right up to me. The kids that I watch and I played with the kitten all day, and I ended up taking it home with me. I am a lover of cats, and mine passed away last summer. For the last 8 months or so, I have been begging my mother to get another cat for her house, and this was the perfect opportunity!

The kitten is one of the sweetest I’ve ever met! She never stops purring, curls up against your neck for numerous naps throughout the day, and used her litter box on the first day. I’ve really enjoyed spending these past few days with her. I’m not 100% sure if I’m allowed to keep it here permanently. We do have a dog in the house that seems a little bit jealous of the sweet kitten, whom I have yet to name in order to not get so attached.

That’s just one of the things I like about being at home during the summer. I live in a small town, and there are lots of animals just roaming around. I’ve seen deer, groundhogs, squirrels, dogs, and cats right outside my back door!

I do really hope I can keep her! If not, anyone looking for a kitten?

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Here at Fontbonne, we have a “Fontbonne Day” devoted to service. It’s a day where classes are cancelled and students have the opportunity to volunteer for numerous community service activities. I did not get involved with “Fontbonne Day” last year, but I was quick to register for a activity this year and volunteer last Friday.

The day began early for me (8 am) with coffee and a quest speaker. After about an hour each group broke off and went to their volunteer site. There was everything from gardening, cleaning, preparing for events, and washing dogs. I volunteered for something near and dear to my heart: animals. My group went to Open Door Animal Sanctuary in House Springs, MO. It is a no kill shelter that is the home or temporary home of more than 300 cats and 100 dogs.

While at Open Door, I loved and comforted the new-born kittens, as well as groomed some of the older cats in their “Cat Heaven”. All the cats were really inviting, frequently brushing up against my leg or meowing for attention. The dogs were housed in kennels, and we had the opportunity to give them their exercise and take them for a walk. Although it was more of a glamorous volunteer opportunity, I still felt good giving attention and love to the animals that need it most.

After visiting Open Door, I think I’m going to go back a few times this summer to volunteer and donate. They are in need of food and other supplies for the animals. I might even make a cat blanket or two! I will definitely be participating in Fontbonne day again next year. A day devoted to service is truly a good day!

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The first semester of the school year is almost over! I can hardly believe it, partly because I have too many tests and projects to complete in the next week and a half. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to do as much as I have to, but I’m sure every other college student feels this same way this time of year. I’m not going to complain. I’m just going to buckle down and get it done because after all the tests and projects are finished it’s Christmas break!

I am so looking forward to this break. Getting so much time off can be somewhat of a bad thing because after a month of being out of school I find myself not wanting to go back, but other than that Christmas break is wonderful! I will be spending some time on campus and some time back at home this break. The Griffin Girls do not rest, and are continuing to practice throughout break so I will be experiencing some of the holiday season at Fontbonne. I am excited to be home and spend quality time with my family, friends, and others I have not really seen since the school year began. I will be spoiling my cats with cat treats daily, making sure they receive lots of love because I absolutely adore them!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I cannot wait to get a tree to decorate and do all that Christmas shopping I have yet to start! I love the cold, and hope that we do see some snow this season. Snow on Christmas is delightful. I have a positive outlook on this holiday season, and I hope it does not disappoint!

Wishing you a Happy Holidays (and luck finishing this semester)!

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Hello everyone! I am so excited to begin blogging again. For those of you who did not read last year, here’s a brief introduction.

I am in my second year at Fontbonne University and on my way to becoming a fashion merchandising major. Being here at Fontbonne has only increased and sparked my interest in fashion and the industry. I absolutely love it. Other little facts about me include my hobbies: reading, shopping, dancing, and adoring cats. Shopping is extremely convenient here in St. Louis with the Galleria and The Loop just minutes away, but due to my minuscule college student budget I have been forced to mainly do window shopping recently. I love to dance, and I am anxiously awaiting the tryouts for Fontbonne’s dance team, The Griffin Girls, in a couple weeks. I have danced all my life, aside from a break last year, and cannot wait to (hopefully) continue doing so this year. I am looking forward to being a part of something here at Fontbonne related to athletics. Adoring cats is another one of my lovely hobbies. I have two back at home and miss them every single day. Its hard for me not to sneak them back onto campus with me after a visit, but I will get my fill of feline attention next week here at school. The “Pet-a-Pup” event has returned and will be bringing dogs and a couple of cats to campus so that all students can de-stress with the help of animal interaction.

Speaking of stress, that brings me to my last hobby, reading. I have decided this year that I will make time at the end of each day to read what I choose to, not what is assigned in a class. I think it is important that students don’t get so wrapped up in their schoolwork that they don’t take any time for themselves. That is somewhat how last year went for me and I’m determined to de-stress and give myself a mental break before 6 or 7 hours of slumber. So far it has worked out great. I’ve been able to read books that are actually interesting to me, and it takes my mind off of anything that is bothering me that given day.

My piece of advice for this blog is to do what I’m attempting to do: Don’t get caught up in the stressful times of college 24/7. Take a minute, or thirty, to do something for yourself that you enjoy. That’s exactly what I’m doing and am loving it!

Thanks for reading!


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