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Cardinals game

I feel as though it has been forever since I last blogged! (When in reality it has only been a month) Ever since Spring Break I feel like I have been in hyper-drive trying to get everything done early so I am not stressed out with all my big projects right around exam time!

Over Spring Break I went to Pensacola, Florida which was a lot of fun, and definitely a much needed and appreciated vacation! I had a lot of fun, but once Spring Break was over it was back to reality of classes, school work, working at Orange Leaf and babysitting! Not much has happened other than staying busy. Last week was Spirit Week and because of work and babysitting I didn’t get to participate as much as I would have liked to, but I did get to go to the Cardinals game which is always a lot of fun with the Fontbonne group! Everyone who went to the dance said they had a great time, and the pictures made it look like a lot of fun! Hopefully next year I will be able to do more with Spirit week! Well, time for me to get back to all that studying and projects!


This past week was full of events, because it was spirit week. Every semester, Fontbonne has a spirit week the week of the dance (which is on Saturdays). So, every day last week was leading up to the big, main event. It was very busy, but also a lot of fun and definitely worth losing a little sleep over.

The week started pretty relaxed on Monday with a casual dance party in the DSAC. Songs that have well-known dances were played (i.e. YMCA and hokey pokey). Tuesday night, Fontbonne had a section reserved at the Cardinals baseball game. The weather was beautiful that night and we won! Wednesday night, a dueling piano performance was in the DSAC. I had never been to anything like this before. I had a fabulous time. Two musicians played piano and sang songs by student requests. They were extremely talented and played off one another very well.

Thursday night, the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower was shown in the DSAC. It was supposed to be projected outside in the meadow, but it was too wet. It’s still always nice though to watch a movie and snack on popcorn. Friday was Fontbonne Day, which is a day where classes are canceled. Because of this, students are encouraged to do volunteer work around the community. Numerous and a wide variety of sites were available to choose from. I helped out at a homeless shelter. Friday night was the talent competition in which Mr. Fontbonne was crowned. Finally, Saturday night was the spring dance. The name for this one was “Welcome to the Hamptons.” This was a preppy themed formal.

Spirit week is always full of exciting events, and I look forward to more in the future!


It’s Spirit Week at Fontbonne this week, so there’s many special events to attend for us students. My favorite event of the week had to be the Cardinals game this past Tuesday. Throughout the year, Fontbonne provides us with the opportunity for discounted sports tickets. We got these tickets to the first night game of the season for just $12!

Going into Tuesday, I was so looking forward to the game. I was pretty much sleeping during any “free time” in the days prior, so a night of baseball was much needed! After some stressful complications with my car (don’t ask), my roommate and I finally made it to the game.

Our seats were in right field, so we had a pretty good view of everything. I sat back, relaxed, and for the next two hours watched my favorite team win. There was even a home run by Matt Adams, just the third of his major league career. I love the atmosphere at Busch Stadium, and really enjoyed being at the game. We left during the ninth, and had just made it outside the stadium when the winning fireworks went off. It’s such a sight in downtown St. Louis!

I am lucky to go to a university that provides its students with such perks. Last night Fontbonne hosted Dueling Pianos, and that was really entertaining. Spirit Week continues tonight with a movie in the DSAC, and tomorrow the Griffin Girls are performing during the Mr. Fontbonne competition.

Thanks for reading! Until next week..


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