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I remember the first time I visited Fontbonne, right around the time I had just started my associate’s degree. I drove up to the visitors parking in the front of Ryan Hall and right away I had a sense of being completely at home. I’m pretty sure I knew right then and there that I’d be attending Fontbonne. My passion is fine art so I was looking for a school that was both reasonably priced and had a strong art program. When I went on the campus tour with a student ambassador I made sure to ask to see the art building. As soon as we walked into the art building any doubt I might’ve had about where to get my undergrad just vanished. I felt like I could spend most of my days in that building and be happy as a clam. Fast forward almost three years and here I am, in my second semester here at Fontbonne, and I still get that same feeling every time I walk into the art building; for a little while this is home.



Fontbonne University was an easy choice for me to attend in the fall of 2015. I knew I wanted to go to a school that offered Fashion Merchandising and had a small community. Once I heard about Fontbonne from my college guidance coordinator at my high school, I knew I needed to go visit. I visited Fontbonne in the spring of 2014 and I fell in love with the campus, the school, and the community. I did look at a few other schools, but none of them had the same impact as FBU. I did not make my decision to attend Fontbonne University until the fall of 2014 when I came back for a second tour. The ambassadors did an excellent job of showcasing the campus and making me feel at home before I was even a student.

Once I filled out my application and received my acceptance letter, the excitement began to build. Senior year seemed to fly by and I began counting down the days until I was able to start the next part of my life. Although I was not sure if I was going to live on campus or not, my decisions to live at Fontbonne was one of the best choices I have made. The community of Fontbonne and the friends that I have made in these few short weeks have been outstanding. I encourage all students to look into living on campus if you are able to do so. The ability to wake up 10 minutes before class and spend every night with your friends is an experience that the Fontbonne Resident Halls have given me as a gift. I am currently the RHA Executive Board Secretary so that I can help be a voice for the students of FBU and continue to promote growth and make on-campus life the best it can be.


If you are a student looking for a campus where you can feel at home away from home in one of the cutest areas of Saint Louis, know a great deal of your classmates, and make friends from all over, come and take a look at Fontbonne and see if you should be a Griffin!




When I was applying for colleges my senior year of high school, I found it difficult to find the “right” college for me. The “right” college for me was one that wouldn’t make me feel like I was just a number. I wanted to know who my classmates were and I wanted professors to know who I was. Finding a university that fit those requirements was harder than I thought. So many colleges don’t allow for the personable relationships that I was looking for. I wanted to be more than just another student on campus.

When I toured Fontbonne for the first time, I realized that it had the requirements that I was looking for. It was a small campus so getting to know fellow classmates wouldn’t be difficult. A small campus equals small class sizes and that means I get the one on one attention from my professors that would help me succeed academically.

At Fontbonne, students aren’t just a number or a statistic. They are much more than that. Students are admired by their peers, mentored by their professors, and more than just a number.


“I bet this place is haunted,” My little brother whined as we waited in the hall outside the admission’s office to talk to my admission counselor. He wasn’t a fan of the arched doorways, marble accents and stained glass windows, but I sure was. The architecture was just one of the first things I noticed when I stepped on Fontbonne’s campus for the first time.

I first visited the summer before my senior year in high school to get a tour of campus and meet with an admission counselor. Like I was saying earlier, I noticed all of the beautiful architectural features that are unique to Fontbonne’s campus. I observed everything from the grand stone steps leading up to the entrance of Ryan Hall to the perfectly manicured lawns sprawling all across campus. The glamorous architecture wasn’t the only thing that I remember about my first visit to Fontbonne.

I also remember all of the friendly faces I encountered while being given a campus tour. My tour was being led by a current student who kept a smile on her face the entire time, even though it was scorching hot outside. As she took me around campus, I kept noticing how every person we passed would say “Hello” to us or smile in our direction. That made me feel like I was already a part of the Fontbonne community.

My visit to campus really sealed the deal for me to come to Fontbonne for my undergraduate studies. I fell in love with the gorgeous architecture and the friendly faces of the Fontbonne community which let me know I was at the right university for me. A little over two years after my first campus visit, I still agree that this is the right university for me.


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