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Busy Person’s Retreat

Next weekend is the Refresh and Renew retreat at Fontbonne and I am very excited to see how it will go this year.  I went last fall when Lori Helfrich had the first R and R retreat which was held off campus at the Mercy retreat center in Ladue. I really enjoyed the retreat last year as we had the opportunity to relax, be ourselves and pray with one another. I liked that we had the opportunity to explore the retreat center grounds and if needed we could pray outside on the labyrinth. I also had the opportunity to really bond with the other students who were on the retreat with me and even though it was only one night I feel like I was able to get to know people better.  I would really suggest this retreat to anyone who is still considering going on it and if you have already registered get excited because it will be a fun time away from campus. I am really interested to see what kind of improvements will be made to the retreat this year and how much more I will enjoy the experience.

There is also another retreat coming up in the coming weeks — the busy person’s retreat, which is actually open to anyone on campus. This retreat is for those who feel they are too busy to go off campus for a weekend with some of their classmates and have limited time during the week. During this retreat, one will have the opportunity to meet with a Sister of St. Joseph (CSJ) multiple times throughout the week and they will pray with that student or faculty member. The retreatant will also have the ability to share a meal with the CSJ and other retreatants during the week. This retreat is offered the week of March 12th and it is purposefully scheduled during the Lenten season, which is a time when Catholics either abstain from something or do something they don’t normally do. We do this during the spring season as it is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of the Easter Celebration, and Lent is a time of reflection and self-examination. When someone is on the busy person’s retreat, they will have time for reflection following their daily prayer session.  If there is anyone in the Fontbonne community considering this retreat, you should probably sign up for it because the busy person will be beneficial.

Learn more about the retreats!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope everyone has a great week.


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