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Bubble Tea

Hello Everyone,
Are you unfamiliar with the St. Louis area? Wondering where to go for some fun? Well, I am terrible with directions, but I will be happy to name some interesting places to go! Especially with Fontbonne’s location, almost everything is in walking distance or close enough that gas won’t be wasted if you drive the short distance. First, the Delmar Loop is best for walking the sidewalks and finding the most random of things. My favorite is Bubble Tea. It is tiny and does have limited sitting space, but the atmosphere is warm and easygoing. The workers genuinely want you to be happy and actually strike up conversations while you are just standing there. Now Bubble Tea has bubble tea, shocker I know. Bubble Tea is a milk tea that comes in multiple flavors. Most contain Boba, which is a chewy ball at the bottom of the drink. It originates from a cassava root and is sweetened when cooked and put in the tea. I, personally, prefer no Boba, but don’t knock it until you try it! You can get Snows, A.K.A. slushes, and some good food like Lo Mein or Sweet and Sour chicken and rice. Besides Bubble Tea, the Loop has Fritz’s, Froyo, Cheeseology, and much more. Just go on down, take a walk, and see where your feet take you!

Also right by Fontbonne, Forest Park is the next amazing place to go. It has acres upon acres of land to roam for hours. The St. Louis Art Museum is located in Forest Park and is FREE! I have spent more than one occasion lost in the collections of the St. Louis Art Museum. The view right outside the Museum is its own masterpiece. You can refer to it as Art Hill, considering its location! Just imagine a giant hill right in front of you, leading to the edge of an expanse of water, which can be classified as a big pond. People dot the area with their running, walking, and laying out on the soft grass. You can go to the Zoo in Forest Park (another FREE attraction). Plus, the Muny is right inside the park and it’s easy to find show times and prices online. Don’t want a buy a ticket? No problem, the Muny does have free seats, but tickets are reasonable and prepare for those free seats to fill up fast! Once a year, Forest Park holds a Shakespeare Festival that is FREE if you want to experience that. Other things in Forest Park include the Jewel Box, History Museum, the Boat House, and Steinberg’s Ice Rink. Granted not all of them are free, but they are all located conveniently in Forest Park. So, Fontbonne is near some pretty awesome stuff. Use that GPS or good old fashion map and find some FUN!



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