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Happy almost Halloween!   It’s the last week of October already; can you believe it?  If you haven’t had a chance to do any festive activities, Fontbonne has a few going on this week that you might want to attend:

Fall Festival–Okay, so this one was last week.  But if you missed it, you definitely want to go next year!  Campus organizations come together in the meadow (or the AMC when it rains) and celebrate the end of October with all kinds of fall activities.  This year, NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association) had baby pumpkins to paint and BSO (Biological Sciences Organization) had big pumpkins for carving. RHA (Residence Hall Association) had some delicious cookies to decorate (and to eat, of course). There was also chili, apple cider, and . . . (wait for it) . . . a crepe truck!  The cardinals game was also playing on the huge blow-up screen, so no one missed any of the action while enjoying the party. So if you missed the fall festival this year, make sure you come next year!

Candy grams:

Monday-Wednesday this week, FAB is selling candy grams. If you’d like to go all Mean Girls on your friends, you can order them some candy grams to be picked up in the DSAC on Thursday 11:30-1:30.  You go, Glen Coco!

Halloween Havoc:

This is taking place on Thursday from11:30-1:30 in the DSAC (candy gram coincidence? I think not).  I hear they have caricature drawings and apple cider. You should stop by if you have time.

One last thing:  I promised you an update on my pumpkin carving. Well…

Voila!  One and a half hours and a very messy kitchen later.

You can guess which one is mine (the one that took 1 1/2 hours to scrape thin enough for the light to show through).  Happy Halloween!


As you may have read in one of my previous blogs, the Biological Sciences Organization, or BSO, recently sponsored a SAVE DUMBO! campaign. The BSO purchased eco-friendly, made-in-the-US wristbands that proudly exclaimed, “Save Dumbo! Fontbonne Sustainability.”

At least half of the proceeds from the wristband and corresponding bake sale will be donated to a reputable organization located in Africa that strives to save the critically endangered African elephant, which will be extinct in the wild within the next seven years if nothing is done to curb poaching and protect the elephants’ ever-decreasing habitat. The BSO would like to thank everyone who supported this endeavor, and we encourage you to learn more about elephants and other endangered species as well.

If you missed the opportunity to purchase a wristband, you can pick yours up for only $2 in the offices of the Biological and Physical Sciences Department, which are located at the end of the third floor of AB Hall. But hurry, as supplies are limited!


You probably haven’t heard much about the Biological Sciences Organization (BSO) yet this year. That’s because we’ve been busy with a lot of event planning. Well, now it’s time for BSO members and the campus community to have a ton of fun!

The BSO’s mission is to teach both biology majors and non-majors alike, as well as the Saint Louis community, about the integral roles that science plays in everyday life. And in the coming weeks, we have a lot of activities planned that should help us to live out our mission. On Thursday, October 24th, we will be hosting a “SAVE DUMBO!” Wristband and Bake Sale in the Ryan Hall Corridor (right outside the cafeteria on the first floor) from 11:30 until 1:00. The African Elephant is a critically endangered animal, and experts project that it will be extinct in the wild in just seven years. Come help us to save this amazing species for generations yet to come by purchasing your own “Save Dumbo! Fontbonne Sustainability” eco-friendly, made-in-the-US wristbands for only $2 each. And be sure to donate a little more to take some sweet baked treats back to your friends in your dorms or classes. BSO pledges that at least half of our proceeds will be donated to help save this magnificent creature. We found some great, reputable organizations in Africa who work diligently to educate and rehabilitate the African Elephant, so we hope that, with the Sustainability Dedicated Semester in mind, you’ll do your part and help us to SAVE DUMBO!

Also on the 24th, BSO will be participating in the evening Fall Festival event alongside other Fontbonne student organizations. Keeping with the Dedicated Semester theme, we will be hosting a pumpkin carving booth where you can learn how to partake in this favorite fall pastime while still being sustainable and earth friendly. We’ll also continue our SAVE DUMBO wristband sales, so if you forget your money at lunch, you still have the opportunity to purchase your wristband.

We’ll be ending our semester with a BSO member-only trip to the Endangered Wolf Center and a graduation party for our December biology graduates. All in all, we’re hoping to have great success in our events, and we’re hoping to raise a lot of money to do our part in saving a species who is becoming rarer and rarer due to poaching and habitat loss. We hope to see you at our SAVE DUMBO events!


To begin with, I’d like to offer my readers an explanation as to why my blog last week was so short. As you may have read, I had my third test within the timespan of a week coming up, and I was trying to learn all about photosynthesis and the citric acid cycle and glycolysis regulation. I took a break to write my blog, but while typing, I accidentally hit a wrong button, therefore deleting all of my words except for those in my first paragraph. If you return to my previous blog and look at the comments, I’ve commented on my own blog and filled in some details.

Okay, now on to this week. Once again, I’ve miscounted the weeks until the end of school.  I thought we had four weeks of classes left. Oh, no – we have 2.5 weeks of classes left, and then a week of exams. (I don’t know how I always miscount.  I’m really not that terribly bad at counting…) Anyways, I feel like I still have a lot to do for school and otherwise. This past Friday, a few of my friends from the Biological Sciences Organization (BSO) and I went to the Science Center to celebrate DNA with Science Center visitors. Next week, on April 25, it will have been 60 years since Watson and Crick published their groundbreaking paper in the scientific journal “Nature” that described the structure of DNA. That determination has literally changed and affected all areas of biological sciences, ranging from cell biology to molecular biology to biochemistry to biotechnology to genetics. At the Science Center, we had a big DNA birthday card for visitors to sign, and we had spin-the-wheel trivia. We also had a fun craft activity that allowed visitors to make-and-take their own DNA strand, which they made using two different colors of pipe cleaners. (And boy, was I exhausted afterward. That night, when I was explaining to my mom what we had done, I said that we used “pipettes” to make DNA strands. True story.)

Next week, the BSO will be celebrating that monumental day in style with a party for biology majors on campus. Be sure to look for us, as we’ll be wearing our “DNA Is Life. Everything Else? Just Details.” shirts around campus. And the week after, BSO will have a very big Wednesday. We will be having our annual seniors’ graduation party in the morning and then going on an Owl Prowl in Forest Park that night. (Our new librarian, Mark Glenshaw, works in conjunction with Forest Park Forever and the World Bird Sanctuary, and he offered to take a few of us to Forest Park to show us owls’ nesting and habitat. We’re all really excited about it.)

So, for once, my social calendar is actually full. What about my school calendar, you may ask? Well, yes, my planner is chock full of due dates and the like. However, for the first time ever, I don’t feel like I’m completely panicking about finishing all of my work. Just give me a couple more days, though, and I’ll assure you that the panic will have begun…

~ With Carly and Kaniz at the BSO table at the Science Center! ~


Ribbons and Cupcakes and Research, Oh My!

by Alumni Posts March 3, 2013

Tomorrow, Monday, March 4, the Biological Sciences Organization will be hosting our semesterly bake sale. Usually, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our sales to animal adoptions. And, though we absolutely love animals and strongly support and promote saving their habitats, we have decided to break from tradition in order to support another […]

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An Exciting 48 Hours

by Alumni Posts October 27, 2012

A lot can happen in 48 hours.  Being overly interested in microbiology and bacteria, I can tell you that a visible colony of E. coli can grow on an agar plate in as little as 48 hours (although 72 hours would probably give you more to work with).  But anyways, as I said, 48 hours […]

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Born to Be Wild

by Alumni Posts October 13, 2012

As those of you who’ve read my previous blogs of this semester know, I am a St. Louis Sciene Center volunteer.  I absolutely love the Science Center, and I’ve been all excited about two of the newest limited engagements.  One of those is a traveling exhibit called “Wildlife Rescue,” which is an awesome, interactive exhibit […]

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From “Cool – It’s Cryogenic” to “Cool – We’re Back at School”

by Alumni Posts September 10, 2012

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to school! For those of you who remember me, I need no introduction. And for those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little background. My name is Courtney, and I’m a junior at Fontbonne. I’m majoring in biotechnology and physiology, and I’m minoring in chemistry and theatre. As […]

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What I Learned in Kinesiology

by Alumni Posts May 5, 2012

For those of you who’ve been following my weekly blogs this semester, you probably haven’t heard me talk about my kinesiology class with Dr. Rayhel a whole lot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great class and I love Dr. Rayhel – organic chemistry just boasts some more explosive things to write about (no pun […]

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The Long/Short Road Ahead

by Alumni Posts April 27, 2012

Picture this. You’re in class in AB Hall, and your professor accidentally teaches for five minutes after the class is supposed to have ended. Your next class in all the way over in the Fine Arts building, and you don’t want to be late. You sprint down the hall and down the stairs. But before […]

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