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Depending on the situation, being a college student is a bit like a weight-lifter. Most of the students here at Fontbonne live on campus. That means that they are fortunate enough to keep most of their stuff five minutes away from their classrooms. However, if you are a commuter, like me, you are carrying everything but the sink. The worst part is, there are no suitable lockers here available for us to store our stuff safely.

So, yesterday I came to school pulling a suitcase with one arm and holding a lunchbox, a water bottle, and two books in the other arm. Everything but the books were mine; I had picked those up from the Taylor Library for a project. I had finished that project over the weekend, so I didn’t feel the need to carry them anymore. I figured, “Hey, let’s see if the library’s open.”

I walk up the ramp up to the doors and saw the schedule. It read: “Hours Open: Mondays – Thursdays 7:30 am – 11:00 pm.” I looked at my phone and saw that the time was 7:11 am. I do not know why, but my response to that situation was to squeal and giggle profusely.

This caught the attention of the librarian. He opened up the doors and asked what I needed.

“I just wanted to return these books,” I said.

He pointed to a large, white box by the door. On it were large black letters that read: Book Return.

I stood there with a stupid look on my face. I thought that it was a trash can. I laughed a little and went over to the box. At first, I thought it worked like the garbage cans in the lunchrooms; you automatically push the books into the box through a slot. I began thrusting the books into the “slot” only to realise that I had to pull it down manually.

“You’re going to need both hands,” said the librarian.

I laughed at my stupidity as I pulled the slot down and dropped in the books.

“Thank god that wasn’t on the acceptance test,” the librarian joked.


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