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Blues Hockey

I’m taking a break from writing about the Environmental Club this week to post some breaking news about my life. I just bought tickets to my very first Blues game! (And thanks to Fontbonne, they were only $8.)

Living in St. Louis my entire life, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to go to sporting events. And I have gone – multiple baseball games, an indoor soccer game (St. Louis Steamers, whaddup), and even a visit to see the beleaguered Rams (they used to be good, I swear). But so far, no hockey. It’s not that I’m personally opposed to it, it’s just that I don’t support the conditions it’s played in. Namely, on ice. I am not a fan of cold, snow, ice, hail, sleet, frost, winter, glaciers, icebergs, shivering, the Arctic, the North Pole, the South Pole, Siberia, Yeti, Iceland, etc. etc. But I digress.

So, it’s time to man up, and bundle up. This Thursday night I’m heading to that Blues game!


So the school sponsered a trip to a laser tag joint. Best night ever. We all got three free games, free pizza and pop, and the Blues game was on in between rounds (they won 3-0). What more can you ask for? My only regret from the night is getting schooled by Cameron Braun. Other than that, we all had a great time.


So.. I feel bad for not really introducing myself in my very first blog, but I was just really excited to get started on it. I apologize!  My name is Brittny Radley and I am a sophomore here at Fontbonne University! I am majoring in Elementary Education (but also thinking of maybe switching to Secondary Education-Psychology). It’s a long decision process, but I am just making sure I make the right one. I play Women’s Soccer here at FBU, and I enjoy it very much! 🙂

So this past week I went and saw Paranormal Activity 2 with some of my Fontbonne friends. And let me tell you,  I was a very scared girl that night! I came back to my dorm and every sound I heard my heart would pound! I saw the first one last year with the same people, and I believe the 2nd is scarier, just to warn everyone! If you are going to watch it, be prepared to jump AND scream. I did both…the WHOLE movie. It is a perfect movie for this time of year though. Either this “home video” style horror film or maybe a visit to St. Louis’s #1 haunted house, The Darkness, is a good choice for this Halloween!

I also just attended the Blues game on Friday, October 22, as they took on the Chicago Blackhawks. It was an amazing game to attend. If you have never been to a Blues game, I definitely suggest you go to one! They are always so exciting and entertaining. We ended up winning 4-2, which means a free Big Mac for everyone that was at the game!! This game was the 3rd sell out game this year, which is just so amazing! I love being in atmosphere of the Scott Trade Center on game day, and I love hearing those three words that will never get old: “LET’S GO BLUESSS!!”

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