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One of the things I like best about Fontbonne, and I’m sure I’ve said this many times before, is how easy it is to get involved in things.  And not just get involved, but dominate.  Perhaps this sounds negative, but I’ve always felt that Fontbonne provides a perfect “big fish in a little pond” atmosphere, and that’s been really helpful to my personal success here.
Let me explain a little further. Looking at me now, you’d never doubt that I love being the center of attention.  I love seeing emails about being in Fontbonne photoshoots, I have no problem giving presentations or making videos to share about Environmental Club, and of course I jumped at the chance to write a blog for Fontbonne as well.  I know a lot of people here, and I’m no stranger to them, either. That’s how I like things; I like to be friends with everyone.
Of course, some people scoff at the “big fish” analogy.  They doubt that it’s a true reflection of life, and that things will just be harder when I’m out in the real world. Well, I disagree.  How would I know how to be a big fish at all if I haven’t had any practice? Fontbonne has definitely taught me some important things about how the world works.  I’ve learned a lot about communication, compromise, and character during my time here, and those are all things I can apply to my future, no matter how big or small it is.  Because if I’m going to be in a big pond, I’d rather be a big fish than a little one.
Ah, flashback to freshman year. Loved blogging for ya, Fontbonne! It was an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure.


I’ve been preparing for my May graduation in various ways. I’ve applied for grad schools all over. I’ve really considered what I want to do with my life. I’ve been tutoring biology at school a ton, and I’ve been interning off campus in a lab all while taking 18 credit hours in order to prepare me for the part research/part work life that constitutes biology graduate studies. However, it occurred to me earlier that I haven’t prepared myself for one thing: blogging.

Since my freshman year, I’ve been a Fontbonne blogger. By using Fontbonne’s WordPress forum, I’ve talked about my classes, friendships, joys, and sorrows. I’ve shared stories of lab mishaps, Cardinals games, theatrical productions, and new experiences. I’ve talked about my favorite professors and about classes that changed my life. I’ve shared photos, links, and YouTube videos. I don’t have a Facebook (yep, I’m one of the very few of us out there without one!). I don’t have Twitter. Or Skype. Or any of the everyday social media apps that are found on practically all phones.

Truth be told, I’ve really enjoyed blogging. It’s fun. It’s creative. It allows me to put my thoughts on paper like I used to long ago when I thought I was going to be an English major who’d take an excess of creative writing classes. I guess now I’ll have to go online and find a free blog forum that I can join. But, unlike with looming graduate school application deadlines, I have until the end of May in order to do that. Until then, keep reading, my dear readers. You’ll find me here (practically) every week. 🙂


This week has been an academic marathon for me – I’ve had a test, a quiz, or a monster homework assignment due every day so far, and…(wait for it)…I’ve been so sleepy in the mornings from staying up late studying that I’ve started drinking coffee. (*gasp!*)

I’m seriously considering disowning myself for that, seeing as I hate coffee and usually avoid it at all costs. Sometimes, though, you have to bite the bullet – or, sip the bitter brown stuff, if you will – and just get through it. I’d say the semester’s definitely in full swing!

Since it’s the beginning of the school year, I’ll introduce myself so you new readers have a little background on me. Firstly, I’m a junior this year, double-majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math with a Business concentration. This is my third school year blogging for the FBYou site, and fortunately, my life is exciting enough that even after two school years-worth of blogs, I can still come up with a new topic every week! I’m the co-editor-in-chief (because the job title didn’t already have enough hyphens, we had to throw in “co”) of the Fontbanner, the University newspaper, and I’m also the president of the Commuter Advisory Board. I do some other things around campus, but I’ll conceal my hand about those this round so I’ll have an aura of mystery as I reveal my other hobbies throughout the semester. (Don’t get excited – it’s not like I swallow swords or anything).

Hopefully, you’re having a good start to the school year, too, and I’ll talk to you next week!


Alumni Posts

Who is Free Hill?

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2012

in Campus Community

Hello FBU community, I am pleased to be one of the new bloggers on our website. I was thinking how I could come up with a creative way to introduce myself. Since I have taken several online courses, I realize that the same repetitious introduction can become boring. Yeah, I know my introduction will be new for those who are meeting me for the first time, but I want to bedazzle my intro. So here I go…

You may know me from my major, communication, and courses like World Religion or Contemporary Moral Issues. No, I’m not a teacher, but I play one on t.v. I am a participating parent of six children and a rib of one husband. I’m a poet, a writer, and a long list of other job titles and descriptions. That should sum everything up. I hope that you will enjoy sharing in my adventures at Fontbonne and my other creative thoughts.


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