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I thought I would take this week’s blog to discuss this unbelievably warm weather we are experiencing at Fontbonne. The past couple weeks have been consistently and unusually warm. Spring is on its way and one can surely tell on campus. The dull mood that occurs between the holiday season and spring has been lifted. Everyone on campus seems to be more cheerful than usual (perhaps this is because we are two weeks away from spring break). The Environmental Club is now offering bikes free to rent for students. I’ve seen a couple of people riding them around Clayton and back and it looks like so much fun! It sure would be a great way to kick off the spring season. Maybe I will rent one soon. The warm weather does not reflect on the class size though. Fontbonne students are dedicated no matter how nice it is outside and surprisingly everyone has still been in class. I cannot wait for it to get even warmer and spend my first spring at Fontbonne University! I see many trips to the zoo in my future!

Spring does not only bring warm weather but Spring Training for baseball. In the last blog I discussed the Cardinals, and here’s a little update: The Cardinals have played three games in the last three days. Many minor league, young players are being used. Lance Berkman has yet to play (he is on the lineup for tomorrow), and Freese and Holliday have only played one game. Nineteen year old Tyrell Jenkins pitched today, and I have to say I was impressed. He will surely be one to watch for the next few years. Unfortunately, we tied today and lost the previous two games. I am anxious to see how the team will play with all the veterans in the lineup. Only time will tell, but the first major league came is less than a month away! The excitement of spring continues!


Hello everyone,
This week I do not really know what to talk about. It has been a semi-stressful week because of my least favorite class… biology. Do you have a class where you don’t necessarily hate it, but you have the hardest time understanding it? Okay, maybe a little hate is in the mix. Biology is that one class for me. The subject is really interesting (sometimes) and I love learning all these things about life (again, sometimes), but the technical terms go in one ear and out the other. What do you do for a class like that? Well, one thing I learned was DO NOT automatically think you are going to fail. I had that mindset at first, which led to my lack of trying and some grades that I am not too proud of. So, a positive attitude is the first thing that anyone should have no matter the subject. I find staying positive creates a better outcome overall. Another thing that I did was break up the subject. The bigger the term in biology, the more I did not understand. To break up the subject, I would take it one section at a time. Every time I understood a portion, I would relate it to previous sections. Making those connections not only gave me a purpose to know what I was talking about, but motivated me to take the next step into knowing more. Also, taking a little time every day to look over my notes helped me remember complicated definitions better because of the repetition. These little changes in my study habits are not foolproof, as I still struggle in the class, but it is better than having mental breakdowns and blaming anyone and everyone for my failure of understanding. Hopefully, this helps someone like it helped me!

In other news, Fontbonne now has BIKE RENTALS!! Through the generosity of the environmental club, residents now have the opportunity to rent one of three bikes (we have a small, medium, and large) and take them for a spin around the neighborhood. Forest Park is right next door and there are plenty of trails to choose from. How do you get one of these bikes? Simply go to the Student Affair’s office at the bottom of Medaille/the AMC and ask! They will give you a form to fill out, and you will have to give them your Fontbonne I.D. or driver’s license as assurance the bike will come back. Helmets are optional, and you can take a bike out for a max of one week, but remember others are looking forward to using the bikes, too! Take advantage of this weather (we all know it can change at any minute!)!! Have a great rest of the week and good luck on all of your endeavors!


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