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Look outside a window. Are the leaves changing color, perhaps falling; is the weather getting cooler; is time moving back by an hour? It is that time of year again: Autumn! The time when we transition from 12316484_454186251449159_7271167852112954414_nshorts to pants, T-shirts become jackets, and flip flops morph into sneakers or even boots. A lot of people love this time of year. And if you think Autumn looks beautiful here, look at what Autumn looks like in the Netherlands! Now that I have you thinking about file-1Autumn, Fontbonne Enactus will be hosting a Semi-Annual Fall BBQ in the Golden Meadow on Monday Sept. 26th from 11 AM – 12 PM. The event is open to all Students, Faculty, Staff, & Administration. Oh, and did I mention that the event is FREE?! You read correctly: FREE! It is a great way to celebrate the start of Autumn while also enjoying some Food, Drinks, and GREAT Music! Hope to see you all there! Until next time guys, stay classy!



Howdy partners! What’s something fun you did today to celebrate the holiday? Or even if you don’t celebrate holidays, were you able to get out and enjoy yourself with family and friends today?

I had lunch with family today. We tried a place called SugarFire BBQ located off Olive Blvd in Olivette, MO. Maaaaan, was that food tasty or what! It sure was (YES, I answered my own question, LOL)! I had the Apple Jacked Pork Steak with some type of apple BBQ sauce sprinkled on it & fries. It was goooooood!!!! I’m not a person that eats any type of cooked apples or type of apple sauces, etc. but this was different and very tasty! (YUMMM). I’d recommend YOU to take a drive over and see for yourself!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful day!! 🙂


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