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All of my work as an art major these past 4 years at Fontbonne have culminated in this final event: the senior thesis art show. Time and time again, I was reminded to start early. If you’re an art major (or will be one soon) I highly recommend setting aside time for your own work. This is incredibly difficult considering you most likely have a job and other classwork. It’s very hard to choose between settling in for another night of Netflix or working on your art.

Even though I thought I had given myself adequate time to prepare, it still wasn’t enough. In the long-run, there are just some things that you can’t plan for. Once senior year hit, it was nearly impossible to balance all the things going on in my life and still have time to commit to making works of art that represented me. Now, that being said, many of my classmates were able to pull off his feat with grace. They preserved and exhibited the most beautiful pieces.

I really hope that everyone had a chance to get out and see the show! This is a reminder that there is another gallery opening this Friday from 6-8pm. It features the brilliant work of the MFA and MA students.

I am so fortunate to have landed in such a great department. And that night is one I won’t forget! S/o to my beautiful friends who came to support me.


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.57.24 PM

If you’re considering going into art, I want to encourage you so hard. You gotta go for it. And Fontbonne is the best place to do it.

Thanks to all my amazing professors and mentors–your guidance has been invaluable to me.


So, instead of writing about that topic, I’m gonna show you some pictures I drew.

Self-Portrait Self-Portrait This is a little doodle of myself. I would never make this expression in real life, but I wish I could. I don’t have any real pictures of myself on my computer. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be pleased with them. Original Character Original Character This was a pirate character I drew about a year ago. As you can see in the top-right corner, I used a reference on deviantART. Here’s a link: Original Character Original Character This is one of my original characters, Margot. She is the daughter of a mob boss from the 1920s. I used a reference here too: Original Character Original Character If you got questions, leave a comment. ;P Fan Art Fan Art These are sketches of characters from a show called Gravity Falls. On tumblr, someone made an alternate universe where they merged it with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Here’s a link to her blog: Credits: BatB AU – Sai-chan GF – Alex Hirsch Fan Art Fan Art Here, we have the Beast from Sai’s GF BatB AU and Mermando from my Little Mermaid AU. If you got questions, ask in the comments below. Credits: GF BatB AU – Sai-chan Gravity Falls – Alex Hirsch Fan Art I love Steven Universe, too. Here we have my gemsonas: Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, and Forest Green Pearl. Class Project Class Project This was a concept sketch for a project I had to do in Drawing class with Victor Wang (who is super cool, by the way). Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the finished project. But, if you are willing, you can venture into the Art building and see it hanging above the sink in the drawing studio.



Good question! This forced me to get fairly introspective and reflect on what I’m most passionate about. The easy answer would be art, as it consumes a lot of my life and has helped me through trying times. But I wanted to get an outsider perspective so I reached out through Facebook, asking my friends what they thought I was most passionate about.

There were varying answers: dogs, memes, the Legend of Zelda, Marvel comics, noodles. All very true.

While I am very passionate about all of these things, I wanted to dig a little deeper. I think my passion lies in many things, but I think I’m most passionate about art, learning, and kindness.

Kindness means a lot of things in my eyes. It means respecting others’ lifestyles, cultures, beliefs, and religions. It means loving my friends to the point of madness (I love my friends a lot, okay.) It means holding the door for someone, collaborating on a project, saying “thank you” to a professor…the list goes on and on.

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to learn–even if it’s a little overly ambitious. I want to consume all the knowledge I can, whether that’s through music, reading, films, or just experiencing the wonderfully mundane but magical moments of the day: getting coffee with friends, eating ice cream in the park, or scribbling on a piece of paper while listening to good music.

And art, dude, how could I not be passionate? It’s always been there for me.

Then again, maybe dogs should make the top 10… I really am passionate about those fluffy, lovable creatures.


I was particularly psyched to write this blog post. It’s the start of a new semester…or it was a few months back. And things are happening rapidly. In this crazy madness of school, work, and extracurriculars I have this growing excitement.

If you would’ve told me as a freshman that I would be this excited about my future, Freshman Me wouldn’t have believed you. Thinking back on that time I was very shy, insecure, and anxious. In fact, I even questioned my place at Fontbonne. For a while, I panicked and thought maybe I had made the wrong decision.

Now I’m over the moon about being a Griffin. (Do people still say “over the moon?”) In a few months, I’ll be a graduate. And for the first time I can adamantly say that I am excited for the future. Sure, it’s scary. But I have so many ambitions.

Aside from all the normal adult things that us millennials dream about (apartment, financial stability, health insurance, a pet…), I’m most excited for my career. Part of the reason, I think, that I’m most excited is because that I don’t know for sure what will happen. That fear factor would’ve scared me off, say, a semester ago. But something about being so close to the end has caused me to have a drastic change of heart.

I’m a proud art major who is expanding her horizons. I love art and drawing dearly but I also like to code. It was something that I was always interested in but wasn’t sure that I was smart enough, had enough drive, or even had time to pursue it. The few computer science courses that I was able to take sparked enough of a curiosity in me that I am now looking at an apprenticeship at LaunchCode!

It’s definitely a lesson: There is more than one way to do things and more than one way to look at things. Try all sorts of things before settling on what you want. And it’s okay to change your mind! There’s always another path.


What am I most excited for?

by Cecelia February 20, 2017

This weather we have been having makes me so so happy! The 60-70 degree weather is to die for, and I can’t wait until it is here all the time. This kind of weather makes the wait for spring a little unbearable, and I cannot wait. The April flowers are so gorgeous, and St. Louis […]

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Things to do around the Lou-Part 2

by Courtney September 26, 2016

With it being officially fall what better to join the weather and the leaves changing colors then visiting Laumeier Sculpture Park. Located off Rott Road and only 20 minutes from the Arch, Laumeier Sculpture Park is a must see!  You can spend all day walking around discovering all the sculptures that this park has to offer. […]

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Applying for Internships 101

by Lauren August 1, 2016

I’ve been in Internship-land for the past year. Internships are pretty common among art students. Junior Synthesis is a class that prepares art students for the real world. And applying for internships is one of the requirements. Internships are a sure-fire way to gain experience and knowledge without all the pressure of a full-time job (although […]

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Goodbye Exams, Hello Summer!

by Lauren May 9, 2016

I just finished my last exam of the semester! I thought this would be a great opportunity to blog a little about summer and what I plan to do. I actually have a very long list of things I want to do this summer. It doubles as a to-do list and a bucket list. I’ve […]

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Spring Thesis Show

by Lauren April 25, 2016

This past weekend on Friday night I had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing an absolutely amazing Senior Thesis show at Fontbonne’s Art Gallery. Some of my close friends’ work was displayed and even though I had  a sneak peek of their work prior to the show, seeing it opening night was an amazing experience. […]

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A Trip to the Art Museum

by Lauren April 18, 2016

Fellow blogger Demarcus and I went on a spontaneous trip to the art museum. I was more than happy to go as the St. Louis Art Museum is the perfect way to relax, destress and get out of your own head. Especially as the weeks dwindle down and the semester nears its end, a little […]

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