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Art Museum

Fellow blogger Demarcus and I went on a spontaneous trip to the art museum. I was more than happy to go as the St. Louis Art Museum is the perfect way to relax, destress and get out of your own head. Especially as the weeks dwindle down and the semester nears its end, a little reprieve is much needed. And bonus! The art museum is a great place to find inspiration.

There were a lot of great things about the adventure. We stopped at the Ancient Egyptian wing and strolled around the “new” contemporary building. We also watched an art film titled Blow Away by artist Andréa Stanislav. Since it was Friday, we got to tour the exhibit the Carpet and the Connoisseur which featured a collection of oriental rugs. It also included two beautiful, intricate  Persian pleasure tents which were used for outdoor gatherings and as respite from the hot midday sun. (It also included a hands-on activity, which we gladly participated in: making our own carpet bookmarks!)

But maybe my favorite part was the installation by Andréa Stanislav called Convergence Infinité. The focus of the installation was St.Louis and its evolution–particularly the Mississippi River. It was very organic and geological, with elements of steel (a reference to the Arch) and allusions to both mortality and life.

skull A glimpse at the installation. Footage of old St.Louis in the background.

On Fridays the main exhibition is free so do yourself a favor and stop by the St.Louis Art Museum! You won’t regret it.


Fontbonne is a couple minutes away from one of St. Louis’ greatest achievements; Forest Park. Forest Park is a beautiful park that many locals adore, including myself!

The park sits on a little over 1,200 acres and is actually larger than Central Park in New York. Throughout Forest Park you’ll find rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and quite a few attractions. It is home to the History Museum, Art Museum, the Muny, the Science Center, and the Zoo. Both the History and Art Museums and the Zoo are free admission, which a is awesome for college students!

I love spending time at Forest Park, whether its walking around the sprawling park or going to a museum. I recommend a visit to Forest Park at least once, but if you’re a local, you should make a visit a weekly habit! Just walking around can be a great stress reliever, especially with finals coming up!

Below: A photo of the fountains near the Art Museum.




Alumni Posts

Tour of St. Louis

by Alumni Posts on September 29, 2014

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The office of international admissions organizes a tour for all Fontbonne students. Since I came in spring, this was the first time I had the opportunity to join the adventure.

The tour was on Saturday 13th and we started at 9:30 am, too early for a Saturday! But it was a nice day outside and we really took advantage of the time we had available.

The first stop was Forest Park; we rode in the bus through the streets and got to see the Art Museum, the History Museum, the Boathouse, and many of the green spaces. Unfortunately there were many people in the park that day for a cross-country high school event, the traffic was very heavy and thus, we had to leave the early.

The part of the tour I liked the most was the visit to the Arch. The journey to the top of the arch is an interesting futuristic-like experience. In order to reach the top you have to get inside a very small capsule-like elevator with five seats that is completely sealed once you start ascending. The experience made me nervous but once you reach the top, it is all worth it. St. Louis looks beautiful from above!

I still have many places to visit and I am looking forward to getting to know the city!

View from the top of the arch. View from the top of the arch. Inside the top of the arch. Inside the top of the arch. Path to the arch Path to the arch


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