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By the end of the summer, I’m always ready for fall to come, bringing an end to sweltering temperatures.  I love to wear boots, scarves, jackets and sweaters.  Layers are so easy to play around with for making new outfit combinations—and they’re perfect for transitioning between medium outdoor temperatures and sub-zero classroom temperatures.   So I get excited when fall rolls around and I can pull some warmer clothes out of storage.

And then I remember that winter is right around the corner.

And I remember how much I hate being cold.


No worries!  We live in the Midwest, where there is a lovely, sporadic mix of temperatures each week.  Last week, for example, ranged from 56 degrees to 90 degrees.  Something for everyone!

There are other good things about fall, of course.  It’s the perfect season for bonfires and apple picking.  Football and hockey games start up.  And everything comes in “pumpkin spice flavor”.

Speaking of apples, I have been an apple hoarder as of late.  I seriously had at least 20 apples in my room last week.  Why did I need so many apples?  I don’t remember, but I convinced myself to buy two bags of them while grocery shopping.  And what else does a girl do with apples, but make apple butter?  I found a recipe for microwaved applesauce on Friday and adapted it to make apple butter.  The result:

Delicious.  Now I just have to find things to eat with it.

That shouldn’t be too hard.  😉

Happy fall, everyone!


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