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Happy snow day, Fontbonne!  Campus is closed for the rest of the day because of the weather, which is turning the outdoors into a white smudge on the map of the Midwest.   Without classes, work, or the ability to drive safely tonight, I thought I’d use my free time to catch up on blogging.  Sadly, my weekend went a little crazy and I was unable to finish a post until now.  Oops! I blame the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, Fontbonne hosted a great Super Bowl party in the DSAC (Dunham Student Activity Center) on Sunday.  There was plenty of food, including root beer floats, and the game was played on the big screen.  Even though it was a depressing game to watch, it was a fun program put on by RHA, SECA, and Campus Ministry.

Today I’m taking my inspiration from the blog prompt for this week:

What are your goals/expectations for yourself during this new semester? What do you hope to accomplish? Any strategies you can share for getting there?

I’m guessing that many people have set goals for the semester centering around school–like getting good grades–and on getting their lives back in check, such as exercising regularly and organizing.  I think my goals for this semester are pretty basic.  I want to do well in school, be accepted into graduate school, and find an apartment and roommate.  Hopefully these goals won’t be too difficult to accomplish; they are all things I need to do to move on to the next step in my career.

While school comes somewhat easily to me, finding an apartment does not.  And finding a roommate is especially difficult.  You have to choose someone trustworthy, responsible, clean, and who shares at least some of your interests.  Like sleeping at night.  Or using a label maker to organize everything.  And someone who isn’t allergic to peanut butter is a must for me.  So, as I said, finding a roommate is hard.

I have heard the best way to find roommates is to talk to a lot of people.  You never know who else is looking for an apartment and will need someone to live with.  I have also had some people tell me to put an ad on Craigslist, but that seems like asking for trouble… I think I’ll stick to talking to friends.  If there are any other ways of finding roommates, let me know!  I’m open to suggestions.

Enjoy your snow day!


Alumni Posts

The Hunt

by Alumni Posts on October 23, 2013

in In Saint Louis

And here, a few tales of the idiots that run apartment complexes:

The High-Rise Guy: We went through the whole sha-bang: call up, set up an appointment, discuss pricing, etc. This place was in the Central West End. GORGEOUS view of the city. 10 stories up. TINY studio apartment (did I mention I’m having a roommate?). And for some oddball reason, we both must be 19. I am not, and upon discovering this, we were promptly escorted back downstairs and the guy left. Very rude, sorry you didn’t tell us your weird policy sir.

The Frenchman: On a lovely drive through Clayton, the roomie and I spot an adorable little building with a FOR RENT sign in front. We called, and asked the price. A French man answers and asked us our price range, we say $625 tops. His response “AHHH HAAA HAAA You ‘vill never find an apahment for zat price in ze heart of Clayton!” End of call. We will admit, that one was a great story. We were more entertained than mad.

Loverville: We found a great one! All utilities included, leasing according to school years, remodeled kitchen, HUGE. Pretty cool lady showing it to us. Things were finally looking up. She asked: are you looking for two apartments? “No, we’re sharing a one-bedroom.” “Oh, we don’t rent one-bedrooms to roommates, unless you’re a couple.” I’ll admit, we were a bit insensitive, seeing that this lady was a lesbian. “What if we SAY we’re a couple?” She said, “Umm, well I know you’re not, and you’d have to lie on your application.” Yup, that was a big fat NO written on that one. You must be lovers to rent in this place.

The One: One day, we found it. On Tamm Avenue in Dogtown. It was adorable: Light pink walls, adorable living room, dining room, little kitchen, a nook for a makeup vanity, two girls’ dream. And the people at the real estate office were SO NICE. Actually nice, caring people. And we looked at it, twice. VERY interested. And the day we decide to jump on it and submit an application was one day too late. The place had just been leased. That was a sad, sad day. The apartment gods were really not ruling in our favor.

But as my boyfriend says, I have good karma. Everything works out for me. And so it goes…

The One, the One that is Bigger, Better, and More Beautiful: the one that is ours. 700 square feet. Renovated kitchen. Victorian plaster walls. Hardwood floors. 5 closets. Dining room. BEAUTIFUL living room, BEAUTIFUL building. Absolutely perfect location, just a hop, skip, and a Tamm bridge away from Fontbonne. Across from Turtle Park, WALKING DISTANCE TO THE ZOO. Owner told us about all the quick fixes he’ll do before move-in day: he’s a handy guy! And really cares about the property. And our applications are submitted, parents co-signed, all is well. We move in November 1st and the excitement is killing me.

And so, we will live happily ever after.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I have been spending a lot of my time on a big change: finding an apartment. The campus life thing isn’t really working for me. The showers can’t decide if they want to be hot or cold. My room can’t either. There are only two temperatures here: Mr. Freeze and Hot as the Devil’s Tears. No in-between. It’s tolerable, I suppose. But the thing I miss is privacy. My only private time is my drive to work. I can do whatever I want in the car (it’s usually just snacking and singing). I miss having an oven. I can’t cook anything. There are only so many options in the cafes, and I am getting a bit tired of cantaloupe. And while many of these things really aren’t an issue, I would still have a heck of a drive to my job here in Clayton over Winter and Summer breaks. And this will give me the opportunity to take a summer class or two, and put me ahead of schedule. So goodbye dorms, hello city life! And the adventure that is apartment hunting is a story all in its own.


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