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Feeling Thankful

by Alumni Posts on November 20, 2014

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When I look back on my first day at Fontbonne, I remember how nervous I was and how curious I was of who I’d meet and who I would become friends with during my future years at Fontbonne.  To be honest, I never imagined it to be the way it turned out to be.  I’m the type of student that thrives the best with individualized attention from instructors and a healthy support system (friends, family, peers).   To say that I have all that now is almost an understatement.  I’ve had some of the toughest semesters at Fontbonne.  Dietetics students work hard, let me tell you!  But throughout the entire journey, not once did I feel like I didn’t have support from my instructors and my peers.  In honor of my second-to-last semester at Fontbonne, I’d like to give a shout out to those who have made an impact on me during my years at Fontbonne:

The friendships I’ve made in my college years I hope to keep for a lifetime.  I would have never guessed how tight-knit and family-like my peers at Fontbonne would be to me.  Each and every friend I’ve made at Fontbonne has made an impact on me.

Jaimette McCulley was the first of my instructors to help me get started after transferring to Fontbonne.  She answered all my questions and always made herself available as a resource when I was first starting out and to this day.  I have a huge amount of love and respect for all my current instructors here at Fontbonne.  They truly have their students’ best interests in mind and put their heart in to teaching.



Alumni Posts

Semester is almost over.

by Alumni Posts on December 7, 2010

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I’m so happy that the semester is almost over! I have been so busy with all of my classes.

This week, I’m running a donation drive on campus to donate towels & blankets to the animal shelter. All proceeds will go to Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) in Brentwood. This is my Advocacy project for HES 397. I am very excited to be able to help an organization that runs solely off of donations, especially one that cares for animals!

This Sunday will be Christmas Around Campus at Fontbonne. My Visual Merchandising class decorated 3 foot trees for the event that will be part of a silent auction. My group made a Facebook themed tree. If you come to the Christmas Around Campus, be sure to check out the mini Christmas trees!

facebook tree

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