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American Style

The theme for this year’s dedicated semester is foodology.

Therefore, many of the events revolve around food. Yum! This past week I attended a “Dining for Etiquette” event. A delicious four-course meal was served while I learned about the rules of dining. The information provided will be helpful for future dinners that are in a professional setting. Throughout the two hours that night, I learned more about proper etiquette and dining behavior than I could have ever imagined. So many rules exist, I don’t have the room (or time) to mention them all here.

However, I highly encourage attending such an event if ever presented with one. There are just so many interesting facts! For example, did you know that you are supposed to scoop your soup AWAY from you? Or, that it’s technically correct to break off pieces of bread opposed to biting into the roll? And, the salt and pepper have to be passed together to the right. Also, were you aware that it is customary to cut no more than three pieces of food at time in American, professional-style dining? The next time you are out to eat, or just at your home dinner table, think twice before mixing the food on your plate (apparently that’s against the rules of dining etiquette).


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