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Count Your Blessings

by Mari on November 15, 2016

in Campus Community

Hi friends,

The day after watching the Presidential Election, I definitely felt some tension in the air as I walked through the residence halls and on the campus. I promise, this won’t be a ranting blog post about controversial politics or whom I voted for. Whether you woke up rejoicing that Donald Trump won, or fearing for the future because Hillary Clinton lost, the world continues regardless of the political climate in the U.S. I resumed my daily routine which included eating oatmeal for breakfast, attending class, and writing papers. Throughout the day, the election seemed to weigh on my mind. I thought about both sides, the amount of time put into both candidates’ campaigns. Both candidates have been campaigning since I was a senior in high school, and now I am a freshman in college. It is truly bewildering to realize how quickly time passes us due to our busy schedules.

I tried my best to change my mindset throughout the day to positive energy. As I was walking around Fontbonne’s beautiful campus, I noticed the colorful leaves on the ground, sparkling in the daylight in this past brisk morning. I had called my dad and we talked on the phone for about fifteen minutes, something that I take for granted sometimes. As I walked in the St. Joe residence hall, someone politely held the door open for me. My friend and I were falling asleep trying to do homework due to staying up all night. We were searching for ANY form of caffeine, so we decided to stop by Sister Linda’s office. My friend and I felt much more at ease after conversing with Sister Linda in her office and having coffee in our hands. I would highly recommend visiting her office for great conversations with Sister Linda! I also received a reassuring text from my good friend Mary Beth, who advised me to continue being passionate for the issues I care most about. I also called my friend Edwin on FaceTime, and we caught up on our college adventures. Even though he attends college in Virginia, we have still managed to stay in touch. The point of me addressing these blessings is that in the end, only we can decide for ourselves how our day will go. I refused to let an election define the outcome of my day. So I would suggest trying to find the small blessings in your life every day.

“Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, we know that there’s always tomorrow.”-Fred McFeely Rogers

Take care,



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