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I didn’t originally plan on attending Fontbonne University. Actually, I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted to do with my life, but I had decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising or Marketing, and I was determined to find a school where I could complete a degree and get out.

I originally chose the Arts Institute of St. Louis to attend. My father and I visited the campus in late November to talk with their admissions counselor. They wanted me to go there…BAD. They called me at least three different times a week to see if I had made a decision. But The Arts Institute still didn’t seem right for me. So my father said one day… “Why don’t you look at…Fontbonne University?”

I had been so stressed and so tired of looking at colleges that I originally didn’t even want to go check this school out. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was so painfully cold and windy. Definitely not a day you wanted to tour a college campus. When we arrived at Fontbonne, we immediately went to admissions and met Jenna.

At first we just talked about the basics: what kind of scholarships I could be awarded, how my credits would transfer, etc. Then Jenna offered to give us a small tour. She took us to AB hall and pointed out certain classrooms as well as the fashion merchandising showcases…it was basic information…but I felt a spark of excitement. I started to be excited about my degree and what I could do if I went to Fontbonne. She took us back outside…

And this is when Jenna REALLY spoke to me.

I remember we were outside in the cold; we had to kind of raise our voices over the wind. Instead of just saying goodbye to me…Jenna wrapped up our session by saying just how much she loved the school. She had originally attended Fontbonne as a student, and she expressed how much she appreciated the memories she made here and how much the place meant to her as a place of education and a place where she now works…I was really struck. She was genuinely expressing how great of a school Fontbonne was. From then on, she had me sold. I remember leaving Fontbonne knowing that I had found my school.

That was my first impression of Fontbonne University. Just one person can completely change your outlook on things. Can sway your opinion, but for all the right reasons. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t spoken to Jenna. She’s the definition of an amazing admissions counselor. I actually moved on to campus, and that day I was kind of terrified. Terrified of not making friends, starting a new job, and attending classes. I literally knew no one…but just as Jenna expressed…Fontbonne is a great school and I immediately adjusted. I’ve made so many close friends in such a short time, and I already love my classes.

For once I feel like I am in a place where I actually belong…I am totally psyched to continue my education here at Fontbonne. I’m hoping to maybe leave a lasting impression on future students, just like Jenna did for me. Thank you for that first impression Jenna! Thank you for everything.

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fontbonneandyMy summer plans are going outside and swimming, a lot.  I plan on getting a good tan, rather than my farmers tan that I have been supporting the past couple years.  I also will be doing my internship here at school in the Admissions office.  I plan on training with them and getting a first hand experience on how the process works of getting a student to come to this university.  I plan on going full-time at my current job at Sam’s Club.  I just love my job so much that I want to be there all the time now.  They only trips that I am planning on going would be the retreat for FOCUS and maybe going down to the lake and going tubing for a couple of weekends.  I will be playing hockey on Sunday nights, Volleyball on Monday, Soccer on Wednesday and whatever else I have time for.  I will be taking a class on Tuesday’s, and that is my summer.  I will be quite busy but I am looking forward to not going to school all the time and relaxing for a good majority of the summer.

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What I plan on doing after I graduate is to hopefully find a job. What I am fontbonneandygoing into is Business Management and where I want to take that is right here at Fontbonne. I want to become an Admissions counselor. I have worked up in the Admissions office for about 2 years and I have loved every minute of it. What I hope to happen is I would wait a couple years, get a position at school, still work at Sam’s Club a couple of days to keep the extra money flowing in, go back and get a masters, and possibly a doctorate degree and be done. That is what I hope to happen, if not, well then I guess I will keep fighting for it until I get it.

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