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What are you doing this summer? Any big trips planned? Taking summer classes? Maybe a job or internship? Summer is a couple months off school (if you’re not taking summer classes) that allow you to go on a vacation, get that dream internship, or just recharge your brain after a long school year.

This summer I’m planning on going to Texas for my cousin’s high school graduation. I haven’t seen her for about a year so I can’t wait to visit! Besides going to Texas, I’ll be doing a lot of camping in Southern Missouri. We camp at a campground right on a river, which is perfect during summer because you can hop right in the water! When I’m not swimming in the river I’ll probably be swimming in my pool back home or at least laying out by it. Its one of my favorite things to do during the summer. As far as having a summer job, I might be working at the accounting firm I worked at during tax season. One of the partners of the firm asked if I would be interested in coming in a couple days a week and helping out with some accounting work. Gladly I said yes, so hopefully it works out!

While summer seems so close now, before we know it, it’ll be over with. So I say enjoy your summer!


If there is one thing I can recommend while you are still in college, it would be to get an internship. An internship allows a student to learn about a desired profession and see if it would be something they could see themselves doing permanently.

I had an internship this past tax season at Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. which is an accounting firm in St. Louis, Missouri. I was very lucky because not only did I get paid for my internship, but I was able to get course credit for it too. Since I am a business administration major, one of the required classes is an internship class. The internship class is a three credit course that requires you to work 150 hours at your internship through the course of your semester. So I was able to use my internship at Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. to fill that class requirement, which was nice.

While interning I got hands-on experience that I couldn’t get in the classroom. I learned so much and am so thankful for being given that opportunity! I had such a great experience!


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