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Okay, so I’ve decided to procrastinate out of sheer frustration with my chemistry homework. Currently, we are reading chapter 14, which is creatively entitled: “NMR Spectroscopy.”

Enticed? I knew you would be.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand how to identify chemical compounds utilizing IR, NMR, or any other acronym, for that mater. Give me a chemical synthesis to do or something; anything’s better than trying to identify a compound by looking at some crazy graph thing. So, to get to the point, I’ve decided to do something more fun and write my blog for the week instead of working on my online homework assignment, which consists of twenty-three headache-inducing NMR problems. Some of the problems even incorporate NMR, IR, and Mass Spectroscopy for a triplet of fun (that was a little NMR humor. A triplet occurs on the spectrum when…I’m not even going to explain it.)

So. This all got me thinking on my run today: “Wow, some people would really hate to be me.” I mean, going out and doing a 10.5-mile run only to finish and have to do Organic Chemistry homework isn’t exactly a fun way to spend a Saturday. But for some reason, I still put myself through those things anyway. I mean, Organic Part Dos isn’t required for my major, but, call me crazy, I wanted to take it. And sure, by the time I had only thirty minutes left to go during my run, my legs were about ready to quit and my stomach was not too happy (fun fact: this was likely due to the fact that blood is shunted from the skeletal muscles to the digestive system, which is why you shouldn’t work out after eating). But I somehow managed to keep going anyway, simply because I like a good challenge and will often go to extreme measures to seek one out for myself.

I guess the point of my little rant here is the fact that, while you’re going through something particularly challenging, whether it be running up a hill that’s so steep it feels like you’re walking up it or trying to motivate yourself to sit down and really focus on your chemistry homework even though it’s not clicking, it may not be fun but it’s all totally worth it in the end. Yes, your stomach may hurt the rest of the day, and yes, your eyes may never want to see an NMR again. But when you stop and reflect on what you’ve accomplished, it feels pretty awesome.

So. Because my two best blogging buds (note my use of alliteration here) gave me shout-outs on their blogs, I’d like to do the same:

*Courtney: I hope this blog was more positive and not so whiny and complain-y as my blogs usually are. Also, those two girls in that picture you posted look like the epitome of awesome. I wish I were friends with them.
*Elizabeth: I hope you get over that strange (cough) you have.

Anyway. Enough positive thoughts for one day. NMR is calling my name once again and I must heed its call!

Have a good week everyone, and remember to push through those challenges!


P.S. Hmmm…somebody gave me a hot tip during Organic Lab that nobody listens to the music I put links up to on my blog. So, FYI, this week you are missing out on a lovely piece titled “July” by the amazing Youth Lagoon, unless of course you click here. I’m in love with this guy’s music, and I can’t wait until he comes to St. Louis. April 3rd can’t come soon enough!

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