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Did you know that Listerine was once used as a floor cleaner? Or that Stan Musial had more doubles than strike outs? Or that Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll Chuck Berry continues to perform monthly right in town? These and other interesting facts may be learned at the Missouri History Museum’s newest exhibit, which celebrates St. Louis’s 250th birthday.

This past weekend, I went with my family to see this new exhibit. The “250 in 250” exhibit celebrates 50 people, 50 images, 50 moments, 50 places, and 50 objects that are considered to be integral parts of what makes our city great. It wasn’t your standard museum exhibit – though there was a lot of reading (I’ll give you that), there were also a lot of touchscreen, interactive areas that allowed visitors to learn more about the past in a manner that’s familiar to them in our ever-more-technological world. Visitors even had a chance to write a letter that will be “delivered” to St. Louis fifty years from now in the year 2064 – I found that to be intriguing yet somewhat creepy at the same time.

Though some of my favorite St. Louis venues (such as the Zoo and Gus’s Pretzels) were not necessarily highlighted by this exhibit, it was definitely worth the trip. We spent two hours there, but we could’ve spent a lot more time if we would’ve had that time. All in all, if you’re looking for a fun outing, and if you love the city of your birth (or, for some of you, the city of your university), definitely take the short trip from campus over to the History Museum in Forest Park. You won’t be disappointed.

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St. Louis Turns 250

by Alumni Posts on January 30, 2014

in In Saint Louis

This Valentine’s Day weekend, St. Louis will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of its founding by French fur merchants Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau. Festivities will include the “Burning Love” festival n Forest Park where a 25-foot statue of a heart will be lit on fire during a mass public engagement ceremony with 250 participating couples (all to the tune of an Elvis tribute artist). “Cakeway to West” will also begin that weekend, where several cake statues will be placed in significant St. Louis locations. A downloadable app will be available for those wishing to find the various points of interest. The Missouri History Museum will also be hosting multiple events.


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