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That is where you will see me on June 26th. My friend told me about the concert two days ago. I instantly bought tickets. Neon Trees is one of my favorite bands and it was only $10. Since I missed them at Pointfest, I wasn’t going to miss them again! Their current tour is for their pop psychology album, which is AMAZING. Ever since I bought the ticket I have been listening to them non-stop again. This will be my second time seeing Neon Trees in STL. The first time was at UMSL in 2012. Its due to see them again!

This will be at 21+ show so there will be no pesky teenagers there at all, which will be great and not annoying. Pictures are to follow!


Last Wednesday I celebrated my 21st birthday. I have so many wonderful friends that made my week so special. We had such a great time going from one restaurant to another. I even had a gorgeous birthday dress for the occasion. Wednesday night, my actual birthday, I got to hang with all of my friends, and then my family came down Thursday to spend time with me. I want to give a special thanks to my bestie Vivila who went out of her way to make sure I had the time of my life. I can’t believe this moment has come and gone so fast, but my birthday was simply the best. I will never forget it. Here is to being 21!


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