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This summer

by Patricia on April 25, 2017

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I am really excited for this summer. We are going to Universal Studios. This year they have a waterpark called volcano bay. It has a giant volcano slide with wristbands that tell you when its your turn in line. They also added a King Kong ride which I will also go on. My favorite part of the park is the Harry Potter world. A few years ago they added 2 new roller coasters. One is Gringots Bank and I cant remember the other. You can buy a wand that lights up the windows and pretend you are doing magic. I see many people decked out in robes and gowns, its pretty neat. My second favorite part of the park is the Dr. Suess land. It has more relaxing rides, but is still fun. There is this train that goes into a Circus restaurant. We had lunch at the Circus restaurant and I got a red velvet cupcake. This year, I want to go to the new restaurant called chocolate emporium. I want to get one of their massive milkshakes.


So, instead of writing about that topic, I’m gonna show you some pictures I drew.

Self-Portrait Self-Portrait This is a little doodle of myself. I would never make this expression in real life, but I wish I could. I don’t have any real pictures of myself on my computer. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be pleased with them. Original Character Original Character This was a pirate character I drew about a year ago. As you can see in the top-right corner, I used a reference on deviantART. Here’s a link: Original Character Original Character This is one of my original characters, Margot. She is the daughter of a mob boss from the 1920s. I used a reference here too: Original Character Original Character If you got questions, leave a comment. ;P Fan Art Fan Art These are sketches of characters from a show called Gravity Falls. On tumblr, someone made an alternate universe where they merged it with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Here’s a link to her blog: Credits: BatB AU – Sai-chan GF – Alex Hirsch Fan Art Fan Art Here, we have the Beast from Sai’s GF BatB AU and Mermando from my Little Mermaid AU. If you got questions, ask in the comments below. Credits: GF BatB AU – Sai-chan Gravity Falls – Alex Hirsch Fan Art I love Steven Universe, too. Here we have my gemsonas: Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, and Forest Green Pearl. Class Project Class Project This was a concept sketch for a project I had to do in Drawing class with Victor Wang (who is super cool, by the way). Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the finished project. But, if you are willing, you can venture into the Art building and see it hanging above the sink in the drawing studio.



Hey everyone!

Happy April!!! This week I’m going to talk to you about my favorite type of music… which I don’t have one.

Okay, byeee. Blog’s over!

Just kidding. But I truly don’t have a favorite type of music, I just love music in general. I love having music playing wherever I go, wherever I am; I just love music and the messages that artists are trying to convey through their art that is music.

But back to the prompt: my favorite musical artist right now might possibly be Drake. I am not just saying this because More Life came out on March 17th, but it definitely adds to my love of Drake music. I never really knew that I liked rap music because sometimes I don’t consider Drake to be rap, sometimes he can have more pop tendencies to his music. But I think that’s why so many people like listening to him. I discovered him much later than some of the true fans (shoutout to them though for their dedication), but I still appreciate his music as well. I may not be a longtime fan, but I still appreciate his music, both old and new, as much as I can; and my appreciation for music is shown with me trying to learn the lyrics as quickly as possible. Hence why I’ve listened to More Life almost on loop since it came out…

Well, if I listed all of my favorite artists, songs, albums, and any other music related things, we would be here for days… but check back in next time to read my next blog!

peace out,



Hi everybody!

In this week’s blog, I’m going to talk about service (since this Friday is Fontbonne Day & National Day of Service)! Because I went to a Catholic school my entire life, I had to do service my 8th grade year (for Confirmation) and for all four years of high school because it was a graduation requirement. But even though it was a requirement, I still enjoyed the service that I had to do. I don’t think I’ve ever had a particular favorite of a service project, but I do enjoy how I felt after each form of service. Because I was helping others, I felt this heart warming feeling since I was helping others. Now whether that was making their lives easier or anything else that they needed help with, I felt so great afterwards about it!

This year is my first time participating in Fontbonne Day, and this year it will be with Fontbonne’s ODK circle! I’m super excited to actually do service because I don’t think I’ve participated in any service projects since high school, and since I’m a sophomore, I may be a little rusty, but I can’t wait!

Thank you guys for reading again!

peace out,



Spring Break!!!

by Cecelia March 28, 2017

Spring Break Hollywood has told way to many of us that spring break requires a beautiful beach, huge group of friends, and too many nights that end in: “what happened?”. The reality is that most spring breaks do not happen like that, and that is OKAY! My spring break consisted of me and my best […]

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Spring Break 2017

by Claire March 16, 2017

Hello Fonties!! Spring break is finally upon us. I wanted to share my plans for this upcoming week off from classes. Unfortunately I will still be working on spring break, but I will get to switch it up to some day shifts instead of my usual night shifts. I plan to sleep in as much […]

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Spring Break 2K17

by Morgan March 16, 2017

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to my blog for another week! This week we are talking about SPRING BREAK!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I am more than excited for this week off of school… Now I know a week is not nearly as long or as great as Winter Break, but it’s a nice […]

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My Spring Break Memories

by Jessica March 16, 2017

Ever since I was in the 5th grade, my family and I would travel across the country to spend a week away from home. We’ve been to Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. We would visit museums, enjoy the natural beauty of national parks , and walk battlefields. We learned about the […]

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Spring Break Plans

by Courtney March 14, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited for spring break next week! I will be spending my spring break running a 4 mile race in my hometown and visiting my sister and one week old nephew in Kansas City.  What will you be doing during break?  What do you think the weather […]

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Morgan’s Declassified Midterm Study Guide

by Morgan March 9, 2017

Hi guys! Welcome back for another week of reading my blog! This week, hopefully I can give you all some insight on how to study the best for midterms! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: I can speak from personal experience, and procrastinating is not worth it!! It may seem worth it in the moment to not want […]

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