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War Dance

by Candance on April 24, 2017

in Extracurricular,Faith

Came to the campus this past Friday to have FBU Ugandan Bonding night and it was great! We ate McAlister’s deli (which I had never tasted), chit chatted for a bit and watched an inspirational movie called “War Dance.” This movie documented the lives of young Ugandan children who had been affected by the Rebels. Each youth had a different story about losing the life of a loved one(s) and how they currently reside on a military “safe zone” base. They all wished they could go back to their home land but because of the Rebels it was impossible for them to go back.

That movie was so motivating and well worth the 1 1/2 hour or so. It really gave a vast perception of life in the eyes of the Ugandan people and community, it gave hope to me and it made me feel excited that I would be experiencing learning the lifestyle and culture of these wonderful people within a few months (July 23rd). Such a humbling experience.

You MUST watch this movie!

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by Patricia on April 20, 2017

in Faith

I had a good Easter. I went home on Thursday and we did our annual tradition of going to Sonic. I got a berry brownie master blast which is a concrete with strawberries, brownies, and waffle cone pieces. I got a medium and it was so filling. I had planned to exercise after, but I knew I would make myself sick. So I didn’t do it. On Saturday I decorated Easter eggs and made a bunny house out of sugar cookies! I found the recipe on food network and copied it exactly. They gave you the measurements for each wall and I traced it on a piece of paper. I then cut out the pieces on the cookie dough and baked them. I decorated it with icing, M&Ms, and marshmallows. I also had plastic bunnies! I posted it on Facebook and got a lot of reactions. It took 2 hours to decorate.

On Easter day we had a scavenger hunt. We had to find clues all over the house and we found gifts along the way. The end of the hunt led to our Easter baskets, which was filled with candy. Throughout the day we watched Star Wars. For dinner, we had lamb, like we always do. For dessert we had mango and raspberry frozen yogurt.


This semester, for me, has been plagued with the realization that in just one year, I’ll be graduating from Fontbonne. Now, all students have known that their graduation is 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, right around the corner; however, I have only seen the monolithic decisions that I’ll have to face upon receiving that degree. I’m bringing this up now as I’ve just returned and reflected off of a retreat that was sorely needed. The Rest and Renewal Retreat gave me a brief 24 hrs to stop, relax, and focus on the things that I want to have in my lifelong journey and those things that hitch a ride unwarranted. I was given a chance to see the many faults I have in being true to my: integrity, drive, and faith.

My integrity to do things like attending school events or talking to a friend about possible future plans to hangout. I seem to not be doing things that I have a genuine desire to do, I just do them because I’m asked or feel obligated when I’m not really interested. Growing up, I was told by my parents that I wasn’t capable to play soccer or learn an instrument. Believing this, I followed suit and just stopped asking and let others run my life. I’d been conditioned to listen, not to carry the conversation forward. I tried to fill in the gaps by doing what others wanted, not myself. This retreat made me realize how much I’ve been missing out on in my own life. I’m beginning to take charge and stepped down from positions and posts assigned to me, not ones I’ve chosen.

My drive has always been in question as if it was really mine or just a call to serve my friends. Recently, I’ve seen how attending many events on campus are only alternative means of interaction, in place of just going out for lunch or sitting in the AMC to talk. These events that I once thought to allow deep relationships to form only allow for the superficiality to come in crystal clear. People I once thought of as my best friends rarely speak, telling me it was much more on the surface. This retreat made me see that I desire to be in those smaller, intimate moments of conversation instead of these empty shell congregations.

My faith has been growing over the past year. Attending and helping plan retreats, mass, and choir have given a sense of loving friendship and community that the whole of Fontbonne are unaware of. Our school prides itself on the community that forms between students, but it rarely forms a as a result of the exclusivity that permeates many of our student orgs. Campus ministry is different in that its personal and beautiful. This recent retreats was needed to show me that my faith in community was simply in the wrong place. It was with acquaintances and not friends.

This retreat gave a system shock. I saw the misattribution of what I want in life, who I want in life, and who I want to lead my life. I hope to use these internal guideline to put forward a senior year that is more true to myself and not to others.


Next weekend is the Refresh and Renew retreat at Fontbonne and I am very excited to see how it will go this year.  I went last fall when Lori Helfrich had the first R and R retreat which was held off campus at the Mercy retreat center in Ladue. I really enjoyed the retreat last year as we had the opportunity to relax, be ourselves and pray with one another. I liked that we had the opportunity to explore the retreat center grounds and if needed we could pray outside on the labyrinth. I also had the opportunity to really bond with the other students who were on the retreat with me and even though it was only one night I feel like I was able to get to know people better.  I would really suggest this retreat to anyone who is still considering going on it and if you have already registered get excited because it will be a fun time away from campus. I am really interested to see what kind of improvements will be made to the retreat this year and how much more I will enjoy the experience.

There is also another retreat coming up in the coming weeks — the busy person’s retreat, which is actually open to anyone on campus. This retreat is for those who feel they are too busy to go off campus for a weekend with some of their classmates and have limited time during the week. During this retreat, one will have the opportunity to meet with a Sister of St. Joseph (CSJ) multiple times throughout the week and they will pray with that student or faculty member. The retreatant will also have the ability to share a meal with the CSJ and other retreatants during the week. This retreat is offered the week of March 12th and it is purposefully scheduled during the Lenten season, which is a time when Catholics either abstain from something or do something they don’t normally do. We do this during the spring season as it is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of the Easter Celebration, and Lent is a time of reflection and self-examination. When someone is on the busy person’s retreat, they will have time for reflection following their daily prayer session.  If there is anyone in the Fontbonne community considering this retreat, you should probably sign up for it because the busy person will be beneficial.

Learn more about the retreats!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope everyone has a great week.


A Sense of Purpose?!

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Stop Stressing!

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How Did I Spend Fontbonne Day?

by Alumni Posts May 3, 2016

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All About Me!

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Learning to Forgive

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What I am involved in

by Fontbonne University October 16, 2015

I am not involved in any academic organizations but I am involved in the media ministry at my church. I enjoy this ministry because I assist the pastor with conveying God’s word. I ensure that scriptures are presented as the pastor delivers his message. I display lyrics to songs and church activities on the projector […]

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