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Campus Community

The last two week of the semester are the most stressful. Almost as stressful as Finals week itself. Making sure that you have asked off work or organized your time around work and making sure you have everything you need to get all of your projects done, papers written, and studying done for finals. Successful preparing for finals week can make the actual finals much easier and less stressful. By starting early, it is easier to plan out what needs to be done by when so that you can be as successful and possible and not worry about finishing everything or forgetting something. Some tips include:

  • Making a timeline of when you want to work on the final for each class
  • Set a day or time for each class
  • Set a certain portion of each class final for each day
  • Set study breaks
  • Plan in distraction time (we all need a break and sometimes a 30-minute nap can really save you)
  • Get good snacks and drinks when you start studying (sometimes a drink run can turn into too long of a distraction)
  • Set a solid playlist to help you stay focused

Whatever you do, you are going to be successful if you put your mind to it. Good luck and know you are in the home stretch!



Hi everyone!

I wanted to wait until Fontbonne Day 2017 was over to write this post.  Since I’m a freshman, I had never participated in Fontbonne Day before, but I had heard about it from upperclassmen, my advisor, and when I was first getting to know Fontbonne a whole year ago through the application and visiting process!  I’ve been involved in a variety of service/volunteering throughout my life, including the Wildwood (Missouri) Historical Society, my church’s Vacation Bible School, Queeny Park Equestrian Events cross-country judging, Rockwood School District Vehicle Day, early childhood education (“Meet the Machines” events), and more, but I hadn’t ever experienced something quite as large and collective as Fontbonne Day.

First of all, picking a location was hard!  I had a lot of options and they all seemed like a perfect choice, but in reality I could only be in one place.  So I decided on the Student Association for Family & Consumer Science (SAFCS) site, Urban Harvest.  We actually visited two of their sites to help out, which was really cool to see some of what they do and the people they help.  We started at their food roof (near the City Museum), enjoyed a tour, and all pitched in to carry “socks” (basically bags of nutrients that support the growth of plants) up a couple flights of stairs to the roof.  Then we drove a short distance to Fresh Starts Community Garden, one of several they have around the St. Louis area.  We weeded, turned soil over, and applied compost to several raised beds, preparing them for soon-to-come spring planting.

Basically, that’s what my Fontbonne Day was like.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to be OUTSIDE all morning in beautiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures…serving others on top of it!  While our work was more indirectly related to people than other sites, I loved supporting the work of Urban Harvest in such a small way.  I also really enjoyed getting to know a few of my fellow students better.  Taking 18 hours, commuting, and working leaves me no time for quality social interactions outside of class times, so Fontbonne Day was a refreshing opportunity in more ways than one.  Our group included six dietetics students, two non-dietetics students, and a Fontbonne Communications & Marketing Department employee — small enough to get to know each other, but also a good mixture of majors/fields of interest, so that was really nice.

From the opening (that Lean on Me rendition would be hard to top!), through weeding the garden, all the way to lunch (yum) and closing, I felt very connected to everyone at Fontbonne and the people we were serving — more so than anytime before.  It’s really inspiring to see professors, staff, and students alike right alongside each other…joined together in serving the dear neighbor.  If you haven’t had a chance to participate in Fontbonne Day, I would highly recommend it.  It’s only a few hours one day a year!  You have the time, believe me!  And you’ll feel so good afterwards; hopefully you’ll even want to find other places to serve before next year’s Fontbonne Day rolls around!



2017-04-07 11.57.40 Our team at Fresh Starts Community Garden







It’s that time of year again for Fontbonne Service Day! For those of you that aren’t aware yet, this is a day very unique and special to Fontbonne. One of the university’s values is to serve our dear neighbor. So, the university cancels all classes for a day in the spring to give students and faculty the chance to do so! There are multiple locations that you can sign up to volunteer at. Classes are cancelled so that more students can get involved with this important day.

For the last four years, the honors society Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) has visited the same place to volunteer on service day. We help at the House of Living Stone Community Garden in Brentwood. Within the last few years, ODK has helped expand the garden tremendously and maintain its upkeep. One of the values of Omicron Delta Kappa is also service, so completing this project each year is important to the Fontbonne community as well the ODK one. It is exciting to come back each year and see the progression. And, it’s sweet that we’ve built a relationship with the staff there. They are all so kind and welcoming. They even serve us a wonderful lunch!

Although I am an alum and have moved onto my master’s, I still find it worthwhile to find time for service, as I did throughout my undergrad. I enjoy helping with the garden and spending time with my fellow ODK members. Regardless of who you serve with and where you serve, I hope you all can see the benefit in following the Fontbonne mission of serving our dear neighbor.




Hello Fonties!!
Spring break is finally upon us. I wanted to share my plans for this upcoming week off from classes.
Unfortunately I will still be working on spring break, but I will get to switch it up to some day shifts instead of my usual night shifts. I plan to sleep in as much as I can and use as few alarms as possible. I am hoping the weather clears up and I will be to go hiking or take in a trip to the zoo. Although we have a week off from class, I will still be on campus Wednesday night for my 8 week night class. I plan to start working on my final projects so they don’t all pile up on me the last weeks of school. Crazy to think we will only have a few weeks before finals when we come back from spring break!!

Have fun this spring break Fontbonne and be safe!



22 Days: A Recap on My Last Blog Post

by Mari March 16, 2017

It is still bewildering for me to comprehend that it has only been 22 days since I wrote, “My Message to White Students at FBU.” I vividly remember the night I wrote that blog around two in the morning. My roommate was fast asleep and I was trying not to wake her up with my […]

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by Yuri March 6, 2017

Mid-Terms. The exams that we dread almost as much as Finals. When it comes to study, there are a few things that could be done in order to boost your concentration and your retention of he content that you are trying to memorize. Tips: If you absolutely need background noise of some kind, try either […]

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My Message to White Students at FBU

by Mari February 22, 2017

On Tuesday, February 21st I attended the Black Student Union’s showing of the Netflix documentary called 13th. The thought provoking documentary dove into the problematic issues of racial injustices affecting African Americans within the U.S. prison system. I would highly encourage everyone at Fontbonne to view this documentary. While watching this documentary with only about […]

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I’m So Excited…. and I Just Can’t Hide It!!!

by Morgan February 22, 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog this week! I hope you all are enjoying this amazing (yet crazy) weather these past few days! I cannot believe that we are having 60 degree weather in the middle of winter… Anyways… I am so excited for a bunch of different things this semester! This is my […]

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What I am most excited for

by Patricia February 22, 2017

There have been a lot of changes this semester. I have all night classes and online classes, but that is not very exciting. However, I decided to become a resident at Fontbonne. I am very pleased with this decision. I live in Medaille, and I enjoy dining at Fontbonne — there have been significant changes. […]

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Our Mission

by Terragan February 20, 2017

Fontbonne and its founding by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet work to further the common good we all share in our exchanging of values of friends and family and through service. Its hard to find another religious order that has been on the forefront and facilitator of social change outside the CSJs. I, […]

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