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War Dance

by Candance on April 24, 2017

in Extracurricular,Faith

Came to the campus this past Friday to have FBU Ugandan Bonding night and it was great! We ate McAlister’s deli (which I had never tasted), chit chatted for a bit and watched an inspirational movie called “War Dance.” This movie documented the lives of young Ugandan children who had been affected by the Rebels. Each youth had a different story about losing the life of a loved one(s) and how they currently reside on a military “safe zone” base. They all wished they could go back to their home land but because of the Rebels it was impossible for them to go back.

That movie was so motivating and well worth the 1 1/2 hour or so. It really gave a vast perception of life in the eyes of the Ugandan people and community, it gave hope to me and it made me feel excited that I would be experiencing learning the lifestyle and culture of these wonderful people within a few months (July 23rd). Such a humbling experience.

You MUST watch this movie!

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