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by Cecelia on April 10, 2017

in Extracurricular,Our Causes

The important of service….. and cue the daydream. This was a routine discussion facilitated in my theology classes in high school or at the one too many required talks that my high school had. Service was preached day in and day out, and we were expected to fulfill service requirements from semester to semester. Even though I dreaded the required meetings, my love of service developed. Service became so much more than a chore for me, but such a gift. The importance of service to me is performing small acts with great love, being a rainbow in someone’s clouds. One of the best service experiences I had was my junior year of high school when I worked at a camp that was specifically designed for individuals with different levels of ability. It was a pleasure getting to know the campers and experiencing their joy.

Today, I often find that I don’t do enough to give back. And I’ve been working to change that. Too busy, too stressed, too whatever.

 The truth is that we truly have so much to give, more than we think and realize. We also have so much to be thankful for.  Servicing others in a time of need is just as important as anything else that takes priority on your to do list.

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