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Plans after Graduation

by Patricia on April 10, 2017

in Career Paths

As you already know, I plan on doing the internship at Dillard’s this summer. After that I will either accept a job at Dillard’s, depending if I am offered one. My other option is grad school. The schools that I applied to are Wash U and Notre Dame. Notre Dame is located in Indianapolis. Last week I received a letter saying that people with my profile have been accepted in the past and received fellowships. This gives me hope. I am still considering Fontbonne. Although Fontbonne doesn’t offer scholarships, it allows for flexibility. They allow you to take as many classes you want at a time. I could potentially work at Dillard’s and go to class at the same time. I would rather not do that; I am not very good at doing both at the same time. However if I go to Wash U or Notre Dame, I am required to go full time. At Notre Dame I would have to live on campus because I don’t have a car. I couldn’t possibly work either.

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