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Networking Opportunities-Tips

by Candance on April 4, 2017

in After College,Organizations, Activities & Events

What do you do to network with others? How are you preparing to transition from college to the workplace? Do you attend any networking events? Have you joined any clubs or organizations?

Here’s some tips I found from Forbes:

1. Use part-time jobs and internships to your advantage

Warren Buffett started as a paperboy, Madonna as a Dunkin Donuts employee, and Oprah worked at a grocery store. Working during school is the perfect way to gain experience, figure out what you love / don’t love, and make money.

2. Cold email people you admire 

A couple big tips here: always be respectful and genuine when cold emailing, definitely make sure that you show that you respect their time, and most of all, be sure to use the “I’m a college student” opening while you still can!

3. Take advantage of professional networking groups and clubs on campus

Many colleges have groups, clubs, and associations that you can join to expand your opportunities and meet amazing people, both on and off-campus.

4. Meet with professors, even ones with whom you never took classes

At college, you’re exposed to some of the most brilliant academic minds in the world, so why not take advantage of that? If there’s a subject area you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to go to professors in that field; they love talking about their work and meeting young people who are just as interested.

5. Reach out to everyone you know in your personal network

The best way to figure out what you might be interested in is to talk to absolutely everyone about your interests. You’d be surprised at how many people your friends and family know.

No matter where you attend school or what you choose to study, building a network now will make life so much easier after graduation.

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