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My Internship

by Patricia on April 10, 2017

in Career Paths

I recently accepted a retail management internship with Dillard’s. I will be doing it this summer. This was a very long process. First I applied for the same internship at Nordstrom. Instead, they offered me a sales position. They were considering giving me the internship next year. The sales position did not go well. Because it was commission based, it was a very hostile, competitive environment. I was accused of stealing other people’s sales. Eventually, Nordstrom forced me to resign, not acknowledging the amazing sales that I had.

During Christmas break, I worked at Dillard’s. It has no commission and is a much friendlier environment. Everybody worked as a team. I liked it so much that I applied for their retail management internship. It was difficult when the person in charge of it left. I had to fill out my application and be interviewed all over again! I completed the process again and was offered the job last week. I can’t wait to start!

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