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by Patricia on April 20, 2017

in Faith

I had a good Easter. I went home on Thursday and we did our annual tradition of going to Sonic. I got a berry brownie master blast which is a concrete with strawberries, brownies, and waffle cone pieces. I got a medium and it was so filling. I had planned to exercise after, but I knew I would make myself sick. So I didn’t do it. On Saturday I decorated Easter eggs and made a bunny house out of sugar cookies! I found the recipe on food network and copied it exactly. They gave you the measurements for each wall and I traced it on a piece of paper. I then cut out the pieces on the cookie dough and baked them. I decorated it with icing, M&Ms, and marshmallows. I also had plastic bunnies! I posted it on Facebook and got a lot of reactions. It took 2 hours to decorate.

On Easter day we had a scavenger hunt. We had to find clues all over the house and we found gifts along the way. The end of the hunt led to our Easter baskets, which was filled with candy. Throughout the day we watched Star Wars. For dinner, we had lamb, like we always do. For dessert we had mango and raspberry frozen yogurt.

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