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Study Tips for Midterms

by Michelle on March 1, 2017

in Academics

Studying for midterms or finals can be overwhelming. It would obviously be ideal to start early, be organized, take diligent notes at every class to look over later. What if you are a procrastinator?

In my experience, you could tell me until you are blue in the face how to study the ideal way. This is how to study when you are not good at the ideal way.

Prioritize your classes. Figure out which ones are doing cumulative exams, which are just testing on the last section of material, and which ones are doing a project or opting out of a final. Cumulative finals need the most attention. Luckily, the material has been covered so it should be review but lesbihonest, we do not remember everything we learned in January. Make sure you know which classes mean the most to your professional GPA and which ones just need to be a passing grade. C’s make degrees!! 😉 For real though, try not to cry over getting a B or C in a class. You’ll live.

Midterms are likely not going to be as big of a deal, so try not to stress too much about them. Most professors are just testing on recent material. Some do not even have a designated midterm exam. Review notes, previous tests and quizzes, do the study guide if there is one.

Getting enough sleep and eating well can make a huge difference on performance.

My biggest advice is to show up to class the day class before the midterm. This class will likely be a review day and the professor will be pretty much telling you what materials to “look for.” Review days might seem like a waste of time but it can really help emphasize needed material.

TLDR: Show up to review day, prioritize classes, get sleep the night before.

Peace out boy scout,


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