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Spring Break!!!

by Cecelia on March 28, 2017

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Spring Break

Hollywood has told way to many of us that spring break requires a beautiful beach, huge group of friends, and too many nights that end in: “what happened?”. The reality is that most spring breaks do not happen like that, and that is OKAY! My spring break consisted of me and my best friend traveling up to her lake house for three days, we sunbathed on the dock, we took the paddle boat out, we read and read some more, and we cooked some delicious meals. Let me tell you, this break was by far one of my favorites, it was beyond relaxing and really rejuvenated my spirits to come back to school. Instead of our nights ending with “what happened”, the conversation continued on with: “remember when?”. My heart was so full and I am horse from all the laughter. Do not play the comparison game when it comes to your spring break, but embrace where you are right now and love the people you are with! My spring break probably sounds super boring to some, but I do not care because I had such a wonderful time. Do not let others define what happiness should look like, enjoy your break the way you want to!

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