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My Passions

by Courtney on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

One thing I love about college is finding out what really interests you and what your passions are.  So I am here to tell you a few of my passions!

  1. Taking adventures- I love finding new places to hike, walk my dogs, and eat around St. Louis.  There are so many opportunities around St. Louis!
  2. St. Louis Cardinals- My family have always been Cards fans and now that I live in St. Louis, my love for them has grown even more.  I love going to Busch Stadium and cheering them on and enjoying the amazing atmosphere that other Cardinal fans possess.
  3. Helping Others- I love helping others whether it is here at Fontbonne or volunteering at a food bank.  It really alters my perspective and makes me feel so great afterwards.  I believe everyone should try to volunteer, especially with all the opportunities around the city.

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