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What Am I Passionate About?

by Jessica on March 9, 2017

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That’s a tough question. I usually don’t know that I am passionate about something until I get fired up about a particular subject. Last night, though, is a pretty good example…

When I got home from school, I decided to go onto tumblr and take a look at some posts.  On the main page I saw that the Supreme Court wouldn’t hear a major case about transgender people’s rights.  Here’s a link below:

Doesn’t that sound messed up?  Everyone should be respected, especially when it comes to something that cannot be controlled.  Some people just don’t feel like the gender they were assigned to at birth.  They shouldn’t be persecuted because of that.

However, they are being persecuted.  Our government won’t help them, and many people taunt them and worse.  For example, trans women, especially those belonging to a minority group, are being killed.  The article below might be outdated.  It states that 7 trans women have been killed, but I was told yesterday that the body count has grown to 10.

I want to go on, but, as a cisgender girl, I do not feel that I am in the right.


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