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Passion Is What Drive You to Success

by Morgan on March 9, 2017

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Hi again everyone! This week I am writing to you guys what I am passionate about! It’s easier if I just list it off to you:

  1. music: I LOVE MUSIC. I can’t tell you when there’s really a time where I’m not listening to music…okay maybe while I’m sleeping or in class, but that’s about it. I love listening. I love singing. I love dancing as well. I just can’t imagine my life without music.
  2. friends: Here comes the sappy part: I can’t imagine my life without my friends either. They are my world, my everything, and they inspire me everyday. I love each and every one of them, and my life has gotten better because of them.
  3. food: Food makes me happier than quite a few things, not my friends or my family, but definitely happier than 8 am classes. Snacking is typically a part of my everyday routine, and typically when I’m bored, I order a pizza or find a snack in my room!
  4. family: Family is what has gotten me where I am today. Without my family, I would not be as successful as I would like to claim to be. I try to keep in contact with a lot of my family while I’m away at school because I don’t think I would be sane without hearing my mom’s voice everyday.
  5. Buzzfeed quizzes: Now here’s one you might question my passion for, but I swear to you that Buzzfeed quizzes are a large part of my life. Every time I scroll past a quiz on any form of timeline on social media, I have to take it. It’s like an a temptation of mine. I cannot scroll past a quiz and not take it, no matter how stupid. If it was a quiz where I learn what type of bread I am, you know I already took that quiz!

Thanks guys for learning about what I’m passionate about! 🙈

peace out,


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