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Morgan’s Declassified Midterm Study Guide

by Morgan on March 9, 2017

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Hi guys! Welcome back for another week of reading my blog! This week, hopefully I can give you all some insight on how to study the best for midterms!

  1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: I can speak from personal experience, and procrastinating is not worth it!! It may seem worth it in the moment to not want to do all of your work, but if you divide your time equally to what needs to get done, then you will be a lot less stressed!
  2. check you syllabus/your planner beforehand: this goes along with not procrastinating!!! Make sure that you check everything before the last minute to make sure that you are accomplishing everything that needs to get done when it needs to get done.
  3. put a timer on: if you have a desired amount of time where you want to be the most productive, set a timer and try to get the most done that you can. This will help make sure that you divide your time equally across all of your things to get done.
  4. soft/classical music: I know for me, I love to listen to music doing practically ANYTHING. But sometimes I get distracted by the words in the song because I love to sing, so when I try to get my work done, I listen to instrumental music so that I don’t get distracted by the words! It has also been proven that classical music helps you focus and learn better!

Thank you guys and check back in next week for my next blog!

peace out,


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