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Fueling Your Fire

by Cecelia on March 13, 2017

in Our Causes

What am I passionate about? If we are being honest, my passions have changed throughout my life. When I was little, my passion was finding the missing shoe for my barbie, or scoring a goal at my little league soccer game. As I grew my passion became about winning the science fair, and or trying to be invited to sit at the “cool table”. As you can see, sometimes my passions were shallow, and what fueled my fire was either winning or getting noticed. However, I do not think there is anything wrong with that, passions come and go. Your passion might be acing a course, getting a promotion, or solidifying a fitness routine! Passions can be big or small. At the moment in my life my passion has become to graduate and establish myself in the career world. Passion of not just surviving but thriving, which goes hand in hand with the international women’s day! The strong women in my life have been incredible examples and I am passionate about becoming a powerful, graceful woman myself. How lucky are we to live in a country that believes in gender equality!? I truly believe that as a woman  you can be ANYTHING you want to be – but it takes will-power, dedication, and the mindset that no one is going to get in your way. If you want something – ask for it. If you want to venture on your own path– stop talking about it and do it. If you want to be treated differently – show people how to treat you. If you want to reach your goals – work  for them. Being a 4’11” female  has never once stopped me from thinking I was anything but equal to any man in school, business, or life. Give me a pair of heels  and a challenge and I’ll make it happen. My advice for any of you chasing your dreams: find what fuels your fire, get rid of the excuses and be unstoppable.

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