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Tips for a Successful Semester!

by Courtney on February 7, 2017

in Academics,College Life

I can’t believe we are already a month into this semester!  Spring semesters always seem to fly by!  This is around the time people start losing motivation and lack on the skills they need to succeed.  So here are some tips to keep you on track this semester!

  1. Make time for yourself! Sure, homework is important but every one needs a break from school work.  Take some time to step away from school and go on a walk, call your parents, or watch some Netflix to give your brain a break.
  2. Connect with your professors! Now I’m not saying go to their office every single day but, I know many professors that genuinely like to get to know their students.  Once they connect your face with your name it will be a lot easier for the both of you and you may even use them in the future for a letter of recommendation!
  3. Slow down and actually understand what you’re learning!  I’ve been there when I am just trying to get the homework done and not really understanding the answers.  However, that will hurt you once the test comes.  Instead, make time to actually do your homework and read the book if you need to.  What I found that helps me is teaching others what I am learning.
  4. Eat healthy!  Yeah that ice cream or Snickers bar may look delicious but try cutting junk food out of your diet especially during late nights.  Instead, reach for a handful of almonds or grapes.  You will be able to focus more and it will actually satisfy your hunger and keep you full!
  5. Take advantage of planners and sticky notes! I use my planner all the time to keep track of assignments and due dates.  It is a nice place to see everything that is coming up for the semester.  I definitely recommend you getting one!

Best of luck this semester!!


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