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St. Agnes Home

by Adriana on February 20, 2017

in Extracurricular,Organizations, Activities & Events,Our Causes

Hello everyone!

The past weekend I had the opportunity to go to St. Agnes Home with the Students For Life and I loved it! This place is approximately 15 minutes from Fontbonne. When we arrive we were amazed that this home for Seniors is very big and very nice, I have to admit I really like its infrastructure. We were only 4 students, but it was enough for the activity we did.

Cecilia, who was the activities assistant, received us with a big smile; she was such a nice lady. She told us about how things worked there and the different activities that they usually do. They have movie nights, they play Bingo, cards, poker, and so many others fun activities. Then she asked us to deliver some Valentines cards that high school students had made. Each of us grab a bunch of cards and we went to different rooms. I had such a good experience talking with these people. Some seniors just receive the card with a smile and a thank you, but with others I could have really nice long conversations, and I really enjoy it. They were all happy about receiving this little detail. It is amazing how this simple activities can fulfill our hearts.

I had a good time, and I hope I could go again this semester!

Have a nice week everybody!




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