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Mission and Vision

by Cecelia on February 9, 2017

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..”inspiring students to become global citizens who think critically, act ethically and serve responsibly.” Wow what a mission statement. As I sit here enjoying my starbucks coffee and the rain lightly tapping on the window, I am filled with a sense of happiness that this mission statement, is the one of my college. What does this statement mean to me? Then, it got me thinking- what really is a mission statement? Sometimes life can get tough, and when you’re navigating a whole new chapter of your life- it can get REALLY tough. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or why you are doing it, life can become down right miserable. A mission statement is a personal reminder, a light to guide you when things get dark. It might be easy to simply shrug your shoulders and say your mission is to graduate, but it still doesn’t answer the root question of: why are you doing it? Fontbonne’s mission statement is not just a list of things the institution wants to accomplish, but who they are. This mission statement means to me that there is a greater purpose behind the tests, and quizzes, that there is growth, and opportunity. Fontbonne tells you through this statement that they will help you get the degree, but they will also do everything in their power to help their students grow into individuals who lead, love, and inspire. A mission statement that is created for a business, a college, or even your own personal statement, is intended to give people a better understanding of who you are, and what you stand for. As a student this mission statement means to me that there is purpose, and college is only just beginning, and Fontbonne college will provide me with the tools to take this adventure of life head on.

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