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Black History Month and What It Means to Me

by Morgan on February 27, 2017

in College Life,Organizations, Activities & Events,Our Causes

Black History Month means to me appreciating those who are African American. I do think that there shouldn’t just be one month associated with appreciating African Americans because they deserve so much more than a month of appreciation, especially the shortest month of the year. I definitely think that it is important to indulge in the cultural diversity that they bring to America because without them and the other cultures that we have in America, we would not be the melting pot that we are.

Black History month is important to me because it recognizes the African American men and women who have made large impacts on our society, whether they were politicians, inventors, etc. It is important to recognize these men and women because of the struggles they’ve been through to not be recognized for their accomplishments they achieved while they were alive.

Thank you all for reading and check back in next week to see what I write about next!

peace out,


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