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2017 – the beginning

by Jess on January 31, 2017

in College Life

Well, we’re almost to February and my post-Christmas Break blues are still lingering – perhaps this is because (unless I pursue further education) it was my last official break as a student. Not to say I didn’t live it up – I certainly did! I was able to visit my dearest friends in Orlando not once but TWICE, see my dearest friend off to her new home in Atlanta, spend time with my family for Christmas, and get in some much-needed mental and physical rest before I returned to Fontbonne for spring semester.

I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions – they never seem to stick past a month or two for me anyway – but I did make some priorities. Adulting seems to be easier the more organized you are. I make lists and fill out my planner as much as I can, and I now have a strict load-a-week laundry policy. It’s been pretty beneficial, at least in helping me with the clean-underwear-and-socks thing. Completing homework at an earlier date than the day before it’s due is a pro tip I wish I’d followed more often last semester – it truly does reduce stress levels.

I hope you all have been well. This year will be interesting – let’s hope that word takes on a positive connotation. New year, new you, right? 😉

Keep moving forward. Everything will be okay, even if you doubt it sometimes.


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