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Tips for Campus Livin’

by Morgan on November 15, 2016

in Academics,Campus Community,College Life,Extracurricular,New & Future Students

Hello everyone! Can you believe we are less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving? That means that Thanksgiving Break is coming up, then Finals, and then Christmas Break!! Since we have so little time left in the semester, we need to stay focused and finish strong!!

So what did I wish I knew about living on campus before I moved in? Well my first semester of my freshman year, I lived with someone who I went to high school with. Let me tell you that didn’t last long… but second semester came around and then I moved in with someone I consider to this day to still be one of my closest friends. So, oh well about my first roommate.


But I had/have A TON of stuff in my room because, let’s face it, we all like to live comfortably. Sometimes I wish I had moved in with less when I first started living on campus, but there’s nothing we can do  about it now!!!

Some tips for future residents:

  • keep your doors open!
  • smile/acknowledge anyone on campus
  • room darkening curtains (these were particularly a life saver for me because of the sun rising before class!)
  • half of the stuff you have on your “to bring list” won’t EVER be used (so be cautious)
  • let your room/side of the room express who you truly are
  • use the campus resources (library, workout room, tutoring/kinkel center)
  • get to know the faculty/staff/security because it will most definitely help you in the long run when you need any form of help
  • get to know your roommate because sharing a room with someone you don’t like/don’t talk to will be hard to live with!!
  • be prepared for this lifestyle to be much different from the one that you had back in high school

thank you so much for reading!


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