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Plans for Turkey Day!

by Courtney on November 3, 2016

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Is it just me or is this semester flying by? It’s that time of the semester where I have tests at least once a week.  That’s why I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break! For Thanksgiving, all my siblings are coming together to celebrate.  I am excited to see my sister that is six months pregnant with her first child! Another exciting thing about break is that I turn 21 the day before Thanksgiving!  Even though Thanksgiving is mostly known for the perfectly brown and juicy turkey, the buttery mashed potatoes, the crunchy green bean casserole, and of course the pies, I am very thankful for all my family and friends, the ability to go to Fontbonne, and having wonderful professors.  My question to you is what are you looking forward to during break and what are you most thankful for?

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