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Lisztomania: the need to listen to music all the time

by Morgan on November 3, 2016

in College Life

Hello everyone!!

Can you believe that we are already in the month of November?? I know I can’t and it feels like August was just yesterday! But I hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween this past Monday, but now we are in the month of THANKSGIVING!!!! I feel like Thanksgiving is most definitely under appreciated because so many people skip over Thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music on November 1st… I am guilty of wanting to listen to Christmas music all year, but there’s literally 24 full days of December before Christmas comes around that we can listen to Christmas music!

Speaking of Christmas music, today I want to talk to you all about my favorite kind(s) of music! Now, I know that everyone says that their music tastes can range all over the place and that they like a little bit of everything; but I LITERALLY like a little bit of everything. Drake, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Panic! at the Disco, Halsey, *NSYNC, Rhianna, twenty one pilots… you name it, I probably have a song or two saved by them on my Spotify.

I know 714 song on my Spotify is nearly nothing compared what other people can hold on their phones, but I listen to music pretty much 24/7. If I’m trying to get my homework done and I need to focus, I listen to rap music or classical music (songs that I can’t really understand what’s being said so I’m not distracted while trying to sing it)! I also just start playing music whenever I’m getting ready for the day; there’s hardly a moment of the day where I am not listening to music or that my room is completely silent.

I also listen to music that parents listen to, so 80’s music and rock bands are not unfamiliar to me because that is what I was raised on. Therefore, I can probably relate anything that anyone says back to a song from these generations of music that I am very familiar with. 🙈

Well that’s about all I’ve got for today, thanks again for coming back each week! I’ll see you all soon

spooky morgs

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