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Favorite Music

by Claire on November 3, 2016

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A very common question that gets asked on an almost daily basis is what is your favorite kind of music? To this question, I never have an answer. My favorite song changes almost daily and the idea of limiting myself to one song, one group, or even one genre is frightening.

As a commuter, my drive to school every morning and home every evening is filled with music. I am an avid Spotify listener and without it I would be lost.

One of my favorite features of Spotify is the Discover Weekly feature that generates a new playlist of up and coming songs every Monday. It honestly makes me look forward to my Monday morning commute.

However, I will list some of my favorite songs at the moment!

You’ll Miss Me Someday – Tyler Adair

Settled – The Icarus Account

The Medic – Foxing


Give them a listen and let me know what you think!!



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