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favorite music

by Patricia on November 10, 2016

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My favorite music genre is pop and hip hop. I really like lady gaga, DJ snake, chainsmokers, Ariana grande and many more. I mostly listen to music on Pandora. Sometimes I listen to the radio. Although my mom says I should never admit it, I like disco as well. Some music that I don’t like are hard rock and roll, country and classical music. My mom is a former opera singer, so she made me listen to classical music quite a bit. Recently I have been listening to lots of Halloween music. I love monster mash and music from the nightmare before Christmas. I wont be listening to any Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I want both holidays to be separate. What I really cant stand is Christmas country music. I associate the south with palm trees and a cactus. I associate Christmas with snow. Both are separate things and I don’t like them mixed. Just like I don’t like thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas mixed together, I like to celebrate it separately.

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