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The “Commute” to Fontbonne

by Candance on November 17, 2016

in College Life

When I started Fontbonne in 2009, my pet peeve I had with commuting was the fact that there were hardly any parking spots. You had to be sure to definitely arrive much earlier than your scheduled class time in order to circle the lots in hopes you’d find a spot. If there still were no spots, you had to park on an old school lot, I believe it was the old CBC school and ride the shuttle to school. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t such a horrible experience that it didn’t make me want to come back but it surely was inconveniencing at times.

The one thing I can say though, it made you manage your time wisely! LOL LOL. Otherwise, commuting is great for me. Now that I’m a grad student, all of my classes are online so I rarely have to make the commute to school but I’m so happy they have expanded the lot which gives room for more parking, I’m sure current students that have to commute now are happy as well.

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